Top Companies that Offer the Best Blockchain Internships

Internships in Blockchain
Here are the top blockchain technology companies to explore in 2019 and blockchain products that have been built by them.

Blockchain is probably the only technology that got so popular so fast. And why not! It has every reason to be. In addition to providing ground and opportunities for transformation, the blockchain mechanism is now widely used to address online scamming and security law violations.

Being the IT hub that India is, it was rapid in adopting the blockchain technology. In addition to a number of MNCs, many small scale companies and startups solely dedicated to blockchain technology have sprung up. And considering the growth that the technology has witnessed, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of students are looking to make a career in blockchain technology and looking for internships in the domain.

At Switchidea, we have compiled a list of top companies offering blockchain internship in India


Somish Blockchain Internship

Somish is one of the earliest companies to adopt the blockchain technology. Founded in 2006, the company was working in the field of automation mechanisms before moving their focus to blockchain technology in 2008. The company has been working on token funds, bill discounting, P2P insurance, etc.

Somish is mainly popular for its flagship solution known as GovBlocks blockchain protocol. It is an Ethereum based project designed for decentralized governance. Aviation maintenance, Subsidy Distribution, and Transfer of tokenized funds are some other products of the company

Cyber Infrastructure (CIS)

Cyber Infrastructure (CIS) Blockchain Internship

When it comes to blockchain technology, CIS is one of the most popular companies not only in India but in the world. CIS has some of the world’s best blockchain experts as its employees and has an esteemed list of clients including eBay, Sprint, Mannatech, Nokia, World Vision, etc. More than 600 chain specialists are currently a part of CIS which boasts of quality certification of CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2015


PixelCrayons Blockchain Internship

Headquartered in Delhi, PixelCrayon is one of the trusted blockchain development companies that specialize in decentralized applications, Ethereum, Solidity, etc along with providing consulting services in ICO implementation, digital wallets, crypto exchange platforms, and blockchain consulting.

With nearly 500 employees, the company has already worked on over 5000 blockchain projects in over 35 countries. Their long list of clients includes some prominent names like VW, Puma, eBay, HP, Vodafone, WinZip.


Prolitus Blockchain Internship

It is one of those blockchain companies that specialize in dealing with financial services. Their service list in the blockchain development sector includes payment wallet designing, blockchain app development, blockchain consultation, smart contracts and POC, smart contracts for ICO, marketing services for ICO, etc.

With over 200 employees and a great list of their past work samples on display, Prolitus impresses anyone looking to hire a blockchain company. Their long list of elite clients is the testimony to that.


Minddeft Blockchain Internship

While most blockchain companies work on providing services and consulting, Minddeft primarily works on developing blockchain apps for efficient business processes. Just 5 years old, the company grew to become one of the highly sought after tech companies in the domain. Their other service offering includes cryptocurrency development, token sale, distributed ledger, private blockchain, and smart contracts.

The most popular of their projects is a Blockchain MVP that they created for a real estate startup. The company works on multiple platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, Tron, Hyperledger, Quorum, and EOS

Sphinx Solutions

Sphinx Solutions Blockchain Internship

Sphinx is a software development company that offers blockchain solutions along with mobile app development, e-commerce, UX/design, digital marketing services, etc. From the past few years, the company has done a lot of work in the field of blockchain. Some of the latest work and case studies can be downloaded from the website.

Examples of a few projects that Sphinx Solutions worked on include Vivino, Wizzle, Dahmakan, Chocoholics, Seekmi, etc.


Solulab Blockchain Internship

Solulab is a leading blockchain solutions company started by a group of experienced professionals such as the ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs and the ex-principal software architect of Citrix. Solulab helps its clients to break into the decentralized world of blockchain with its decentralized solutions. Their service list includes building dApp, creating cryptocurrency wallets, generating new tokens, developing or auditing smart contracts, and also in helping clients to launch ICO.

Their product portfolio has names such as Versafit, ClickTool, Ze Cash, ModThread, Plotos, etc.

Blockchain Startups Making Big in the Industry

The names of the companies mentioned above are all old companies that adapted to blockchain technology. However, there are many startups that are founded after blockchain came into the picture and are entirely dedicated to one or couple of more aspects of blockchain solutions


Signzy Blockchain Internship

Signzy aims to synchronize the two most popular modern-day technology i.e. artificial intelligence and blockchain to make path-breaking, secure and most importantly user-friendly products.

The flagship Signzy API helps in improving user experience along with enhancing security and compliance. It also offers multi-device support and enables faster onboarding using real-time APIs. The company has three main products, which are:

  1. RealKYC – Bank-grade digital KYC in real-time

  2. Digital Contracts – Secured digital contracts enabled by Aadhaar and Biometrics

  3. ARI – Algorithmic Risk Intelligence


KrypC Blockchain Internship

KrypC is a company that aims at helping companies to rapidly and easily adapt to blockchain technology. Through their proprietary framework for developers, clients, and IT companies they have provided them with a platform to easily implement blockchain technology without investing much time and money.

Their three-step strategy to do this has been helpful for multiple companies and is now used as a model by many emerging startups.


uTrade Blockchain Internship

uTrade is one of the veteran players in the world of blockchain. With its headquarter in Chandigarh, the company provides various financial technology solutions such as multi-asset trading platforms, algorithms, and analytics.

One of its very popular product is muTrade, which is a high-frequency trading platform. It provides the investors with current and historic trading analytics helping them make smart trading decisions. It has successfully raised funding for $1M and has extended its services to countries like India, Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, Turkey, and Africa.


Blockchain is an emerging technology and surely has great prospects in the future. And if you are looking to make a career out of it, what is better than going for an internship in one of the above-mentioned companies.

Visit Switchidea and start applying to hundreds of verified internships across multiple domains.

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