Top 10 Most Popular Companies For Internships in Ahmedabad

In a significant boost to IT & ITES (information technology and IT-enabled services) in the state, the Gujarat government has granted industry status to these sectors. Which means these sectors will receive the same incentives and benefits as received by the manufacturing industry in the state. At a time when the majority of companies in Gujarat are SMEs clocking 50 to 100 percent annual growth, this new reform will act as a game changer further attracting foreign investment to the state. Clearly, Ahmedabad is home to some of the hottest employment opportunities in the country as well as for interns looking to give their career a solid head-start.

Future Group

Reception Desk of The Future Group
The Future Group Office

Internship Details - With brands like Big Bazar, FBB, EasyDay, Brand Factory and many others, Future Group is the pioneer in the Indian retail sector. Operating through its four listed entities, Future group’s core value is to build a business based on Indian Ideas for the Indian audience. With a workforce of more than 40,000, Future Groups is big on hiring interns, a large majority of which end up joining the company full-time.

An internship with Future Group can be an amazing and insightful experience. You will work aggressively on marketing and sales thereby learning core marketing strategies along with comparative study based on different parameters like price, quality, ambience etc. This along with good non-political work environment help interns learn self-management, which is a great career skill. The management is very supportive handling all the escalations and complaints while providing ever growing environment to their interns.

Stipend Range – 14,000 – 20,000 INR

Intern Insight – The company provides free work environment to their interns where they can choose the technology they want to work on. The atmosphere at the office is lively and there is something new to explore every day. The work-life balance is good and the brand name of the Future Groups can be a valuable addition to your resume. Free lunches, 5 days working, and free shuttle adds up to the perk.

Arvind Mills

Internship Details – Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Arvind Mills is a textile manufacturer and exporter popular as the largest manufacturer of Denim in India. The workforce at Arvind Mills can’t stop boasting about the vast and varied exposure they get during their employment with the company. As an intern at Arvind Mills, you might be working from the office or get a chance to be at their manufacturing site. During your internship, you will not only learn a new concept every day but will also learn about its practical implementation. Any difficulty you face will be instantly solved, thanks to the friendly employees and supportive management.

Stipend Range – 10,000 – 12,000 INR

Intern Insight – Watching a garment being designed at the ‘Design Studio’ and then witness it coming to life at the production site is an overwhelming feeling that stays with you forever. You will fall in love with the work environment here. Good exposure, vast learning opportunities, openness to new ideas, multiple and cross-level function and communication are some of the aspects that make internship with Arvind Mills special. And of course, the lucrative stipend and regular team events that are full of fun.


Einfochips Corporate Office
Einfochips Corporate Office

Internship Details: Einfochips is a leading global provider of product engineering and semiconductor design services. The company invests heavily on the training of its interns who are trained at the company’s training and research centre called eITRA. The training will be in-depth and you will learn a lot of interesting stuff.

At EinfoChips, you will be recognized for the work you do thus giving you a sense of ownership. The management is transparent and helpful. They will work along with you to finish the task at hand and will keep you updated about your future prospects with the company.

Stipend Range – 13,000 – 15,000 INR

Intern Insight – Einfochips offer internships at some of the hottest technologies in the market. So, if you wish to make a career in product engineering, artificial intelligence, big data or remote engineering, EinfoChips is a great place to intern in. It is a good company to start your career as you can witness a steep growth in your skill-sets during your internship tenure here. Weekend off, casual dressing, work hours flexibility, relaxed work environment and quarterly team lunches make it one of the best employee-friendly place to work on.


Novartis Corporate Building
Novartis Corporate Building

Internship Details - With an aim to make healthcare better and accessible to everyone, Novartis offers very well-planned internship and research opportunities to talented students. Its Scientific Summer Scholars Program provides research training opportunities for students to gain research experience and expose them to patient-driven research. On this research-based internship, you will be working on your own project under the guidance of expert mentors along with participating in many social and professional development activities.

In addition to research internships, you can also apply for IT, marketing and event planning internships at Novartis.

Stipend Range – 15,000 – 20,000 INR

Intern Insight - Although the internship is research-based, the work environment is very relaxed, easy going and extremely inclusive. You will be attending regular seminars and workshops that will guide you and motivate you to achieve greater excellence. The scientists here are really collaborative and love answering questions about their research. So take this as a learning opportunity and ask questions at every chance you get. In addition to accommodation, stipend and free food, you will also get a chance to meet some of the best doctors from around the world who are doing some exceptional work in deriving new medicines in their research area.


Photograph of the team at Apptus Ahmedabad Office
Team Apptus Ahmedabad Office

Internship Details - Apttus is the global leader of CPQ bringing a difference to the way businesses work. The top management at the company believes that everybody is equal and every person has something important to contribute. Going by this philosophy, interns at Apttus are given opportunities that can make an immediate impact on their team, products and their customers. Interns at the company experience a realistic view of what a full-time career will look like. Also, if you are looking for a tech-oriented job especially the one related to Salesforce, then Apttus is the place to be in.

Stipend Range – 8,000 – 12,000 INR

Intern Insight – Apttus provides real opportunities for young talent to grow and make an impact. The best part about the internship is open communication. You will meet a great group of people who will help you learn a lot of things and will tell you about the mistakes you are making on the way. One of the highlights of the internship is ‘free snacks’ and of course 5 days working along with a lenient dress code.

S&P Global

S&P Global Ahmedabad Team
S&P Global Ahmedabad Team

Internship Details - S&P Global an American publicly traded corporation whose primary areas of business are financial information and analytics. An internship with the company is a golden opportunity for anyone looking for a career in the field of finance. Most of the employees in the company are young which makes the work culture vivacious and fun-filled. There will be a lot of training sessions initially and once the real work starts you will be using everything you learned in the training. Since the hiring process in the company is tough, be ready to work around very intelligent people.

Stipend Range – 16,000 – 18,000 INR

Intern Insight - The work environment at S&P Global is fun and exciting. There is not much work pressure and you can work at your own pace. You will be working a lot on excel sheets and spreadsheets so better you practice working on them before starting the internship. Once you are assigned a work, you will be its owner and it will be your responsibility to finish it. However, if you need help the management will go out of its way to ensure that the work is done. In addition to free food, free shuttle and weekend off, there will be regular team outings which will make you fall in love with the city of Ahmedabad.


Team TatvaSoft at Ahmedabad Office on Republic Day celebration
Team TatvaSoft at Ahmedabad Office on the occasion of Republic Day celebration

Internship Details - Tatvasoft is a CMMI level 3 software development company having served more than 700 clients globally. With a varied range of projects in different technologies, an intern gets a wide exposure and lot to learn at Tatvasoft. You will work in real projects under the guidance of experienced professionals who will help you learn new technologies that will help you in your career. The infrastructure is excellent and the open office culture makes you feel at home right from day one. The good news is Tatvasoft is known for offering pre-placement offer to a lot of its interns who showcase passion and dedication during their internship tenure.

Stipend Range – 16,000 – 22,000 INR

Intern Insight – TatvaSoft is a good company with a nice work environment and flexible work timings. The perks are great and the pay is really good compared to other similar companies in Ahmedabad. Their leave policies are lenient and their sports and recreating activities are top-notch. You can avail free shuttle for transportation if you wish to. The weekends will be off and you can take occasional work from home as well.