This Internship Lets You Gain Web Development Experience, While Learning Everything About Supply Cha

Be it summer internship or the college placement season, most of us look for something special when it comes to choosing a company. That special thing means different things to different students. In today’s digital landscape, where there can be multiple factors to choose one company over others, getting a workplace which invests in the growth of its people and gives them the skills to grow into management roles is not that easy to find.

It is extremely important to join a place where you feel confident that when you go on to do something else one day, you’ll be equipped with the skills to be successful in whatever you choose.

This is why, we hand plucked this internship at Glaucus, which offers students a varied combination of experience. A brief info about Glaucus

Headquartered in Vasant Kunj, Glaucus Logistics has three offices in Delhi NCR and one located in Bangalore. The Supply Chain Solutions company is working towards building and establishing a single technological platform, to combine a network of warehouses. This vision behind is to be able to provide a seamless factory to customer distribution solution.

About the internship

Glacus is currently looking for a web development intern to join their Delhi office. Though it is a no-brainer that every new company you join or work at, you learn something from there. However, this web development internship provides a wide learning exposure about supply chain management. The intern would work on Java (with Spring framework and hibernate), AngularJS (for frontend GUI development), MySQL database, Restful APIs. The 60 days internship, provides a stipend of 5000 INR - 10,000 INR per month to the interns. While internships only offer certificates to the interns, at Glaucus you have the opportunity to walk out with a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer) in your hand at the end of the internship.

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