OMG! The Best Marketing Internship Ever

Regardless of what degree you may attain during the graduation course, the sector of advertising and marketing out-beats all the formal classroom education. Perhaps it is more vital that doing a marketing internship helps students learn the art of monetizing the science of people.

EatEasy Foods, a food tech startup located in Mumbai is giving students an exposure to learn, network and gain ground level experience across multiple domains like branding, business development, digital marketing, etc

EatEasy Internship in Mumbai

Currently on a lookout for qualified interns, the company is offering a paid internship opportunity for those students who wish to add some rock solid marketing experience to their resumes.

About the company

EatEasy Foods is innovating ready to cook dehydrated meals that cooks within 5 minutes and plans to make life easy for working professionals.

EatEasy Foods

Integrated with highly advanced dehydration technology, this company ensures that all the nutrient content of their food products remains intact with maximum nourishment value. These easy-to-eat meals are not only nutritious but also convenient and delicious for busy people.

Life at EatEasy Foods

With super exciting work culture in the office, EatEasy Foods offers a creative workplace where new and fresh ideas are always welcomed and appreciations are not just kept in the emails.

Expectations from interns is to be on time, participate in conceptualizing effective marketing strategies, schedule client meetups and take charge of social media marketing activities.

Perks of this internship include informal dress code and a fair compensation of 5000 - 10,000 INR to the interns.

Since there are just 3 internship slots available, students who apply before 15 July, get all the deal.

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