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In the days of TV and print ads people measured by impression. How many people saw your ad. While this is a great metric to watch, it doesn't necessarily mean the right people are seeing your ads. Today, we live in a time where Internet is creating a huge scope for brands and their approach towards marketing and customer acquisition strategies. This is the very reason, why you should check out this this technical internship at Boundingbox.

Every business in the world has undiscovered digital opportunities, and BoundingBox helps unlock them for its clients!

BoundingBox Internship on Switch Idea

Think outside the box! Think Boundingbox!!

Started just a a year ago, by Foram Soni, Bounding Box has emerged itself into an one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai having clients of all lengths and breadths. The company provides all kinds of digital solutions to brands on a single platform. From logo designing to website development to digital marketing, Bounding Box does it all.

Fresh, Innovative, Creative

If you think your ideas and passion drive you towards above attributes, Boundingbox is place you must keep an eye on. The company is looking for Web Development and Design intern to join their team. The internship comes with an extensive learning exposure helping interns learn about the ins and outs of digital marketing.

A little more about the internship

The internship duration is 60-180 days, where in the interns would be working on PHP, HTML and CSS development, along with Basic WordPress Development.

Interns also receive an experience letter and letter of recommendation (LoR) after the completion of internship. What makes this internship even more approachable for college students is the fact that it allows you to have flexible work hours and get a fair stipend for doing a technical project, which can later be also used during your final year project.

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