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Celebrations add a special flavor of happiness to our lives and to have a perfect celebration, it requires the complete setting, including your costumes, to blend with the spirit of the occasion.

Rentot Adds Perfection to a Celebration with Rented, Fancy Costumes

Whether it is a special day of national importance, a festival, a theme party, a dance show, or a fancy-dress contest at school, your perfect costumes for the character you’re wearing complete your appearance. However, choosing and getting your perfect costume for the occasion is a lot of hassle.

To take away this hassle and to provide you with the best-suited costumes of any kind, such as Halloween costumes, fruits & vegetables, animals, superheroes, Disney characters, national leaders etc, Rentot is your online rental destination.

Rentot is a costume rental marketplace that aggregates vendors from across Delhi/NCR and delivers quality and fresh costumes to homes. Operational in NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida) they also offer personal assistance on Whatsapp as well as phone, followed by home delivery or pickup. To make your appearance the perfect one, Rentot goes an extra mile and customizes the costumes for you.

Internship at Rentot

The firm offers an internship opportunity in the field of business development, an opportunity that will help you gain exposure to various aspects of business development, including:

  • Managing and building relationships with the target customers

  • Introducing prospects to our services and gathering their requirements

  • Performing online marketing and helping with online branding

  • Executing orders end-to-end

Business Development Internship at Rentot

This internship comes as a great means to kick-start your learning on the skills such as corporate relationships, sales pitches, digital marketing and order execution.

Your Takeaway from the Internship

The expected length of this internship is six months (preferred, not mandatory). The educational eligibility criterion is also pretty flexible as long as the candidate possesses the right skills and a keen interest in business development.

The company offers a stipend of 5,000 - 10,000 INR per month and has one internship position available at the moment.

Rentot offers you a certificate, a letter of recommendation (LoR), along with standard perks, such as an informal dress code and flexible work hours, unlike many traditional corporate. In addition, you have a possibility of a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) too, if you shine your way through the internship.

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