Who Said You Can Only Play Sports, When You Can Even Ink It

KOOH Sports which signifies the notion ‘Kids Out of Home’ is a new age Sports Education, Training and Technology company, which has been set up to give the opportunity to kids to embrace sports and lead a healthier lifestyle. The brand is backed by TCS and HDFC, two of the largest corporate houses in the country and has already impacted over 200,000 kids in the last 4 years across India and UAE.

KOOH Sports Internship

With one of the offices located in Mumbai, KOOH Sports is looking for a content writing intern who will work first hand with the development team to write content for various sports curriculum, create assessments, nutrition workshops, age specific drills and much more.

The three months internship offers a fair stipend of 5000 INR - 10,000 INR along with additional perks like certificate and experience letter on successful completion of the internship.

While other companies have endless working hours for interns, at KOOH Sports, interns have flexible hours and only 5 days a week. Also, you won’t have to worry about dressing up formally, as informal dress code is allowed.


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