Famous CEO's Who Started As Interns -Part 1

Most of us start our professional careers from the bottom of the corporate pyramid. Preparing weekly reports and working beyond regular office hours isn’t a dream job for most graduates, but if you’re doing your internship now, take heart in the fact that these people started out their career as interns as well, with very humble beginnings, and today they sit at the apex of the pyramid.

#1 Kevin Systrom (Instagram CEO)

Kevin Systrom Internship Details

Internship History: Before founding Instagram along with his co-founder, Kevin Systrom was an Intern at a company called Odeo, which later launched their world famous product, Twitter.

Net worth: 1.33 billion USD (2017)

#2 Jon Oringer (CEO of Shutterstock)

Jon Oringer Internship Details

Internship History: Jon Oringer did his programming internship at Lockheed Martin, in Pennsylvania. Lockheed Martin is an American global defence company. During his internship, his seniors asked him to come up with an individual project so that he would bother them in the least possible way. In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, he said “It was during my internship where I got to experience team code creation, and that helped me later on to build Shutterstock.”

Net worth: 1 billion USD (2017)

#3 Sachin Bansal (Co-Founder, Flipkart)

Sachin Bansal Internship Details

Internship History: Sachin Bansal, one of the most popular names in the books of successful Indian entrepreneurs, did his practical training at Kent Ridge Digital Labs. During his 3 months internship, he worked on a project which involved Extraction of visual features from a JPEG image and from an MPEG movie file.

Net Worth: $950 Million (2017)

We will continue updating this list of successful CEO’s who started their Career as an Intern. Or who knows, maybe one day you might make it to this list. Right?

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