Top 10 Companies Offering The Best Internships in Chennai

Updated: May 21, 2019

According to the Employment Outlook Report 2018, the top 4 sectors flourishing and creating most employment opportunities in Chennai are E-commerce & Tech startups, Power & Energy, Financial Services, and Media & Entertainment. Needless to mention, a large majority of the players in these sectors are emerging startups backed by huge funding. These companies are doing mass-scale hiring employing everyone from freshers to top managers. In order to attract bright minds and fresh talents, some of these companies are offering amazing internship opportunities making Chennai one of the best places to intern at.

Here is the list of top 10 companies offering the best internships in Chennai.

1) Zoho

Founded in 1996, Zoho is an Indian software development company popular for its online office suite of the same name. With more than 7000 employees, Zoho's workforce swears by the flexibility and the amazing work-life balance the company provides. The internship program at Zoho is a combination of classroom-style learning, and individual and group projects. You are assigned a project, which you will be the owner of thereby giving you important responsibility right from day one. The top management is very supportive and will guide you in every step of your project

Stipend Range: 16,000 – 20,000 INR

Intern Insight – The working environment at Zoho is cool with almost no seniority, flexible timing and amazing office ambience. Helping colleagues, easy working methodologies with no pressure and focus on work-life balance provides interns with a dream office to work at Zoho. The brand name is inviting and valuable addition to your resume. And of course, free food, lucrative stipend, shuttle service and weekend off. What else can a student ask for?

2) Wipro Limited

Wipro is a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process Services Company. With an offering of a comprehensive portfolio of services, an internship with Wipro provides you with versatility and flexibility. Wipro invests heavily on training and provides training on both behavioural and technical aspects to all their interns. These training are a boon for students who look forward to sitting for campus placements after the internship tenure. Once you complete the training, you will be assigned a manager and a project to work on. Most ex-interns at Wipro praise the low-pressure and employee-friendly work environment at the company

Stipend Range: 12,000 – 15,000 INR

Intern Insight – Long training hours might feel overwhelming for a day or two but you will soon get used to it and will start enjoying the learning considering the trainers are expert professionals in their respective fields. Free food, free shuttle, and 5 days working schedule will make your life comfortable giving you enough time to get recharged again for Monday. If you fare well during the internship, a pre-placement offer is very likely at Wipro.

3) HCL Technologies

With its ‘Employees First' values, HCL Technologies is a company people vouch to work in. An internship with HCL Technologies is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where the intern is encouraged to come up with innovate solutions right from day one. Promoting every employee to be an ‘ideaprenuer', suggestions from interns are taken as seriously as the suggestions from top management. With a culture of business-driven and partner-focused innovation, expect the work to be exciting and thrilling. HCL also runs an HCL CDC (Career Development Center) where it trains fresh graduates and students to make them job-ready. This is a paid program where you will need to pay a fee for the training.

Stipend Range: 8,000 - 12,000 INR

Intern Insight – The work environment at HCL is fun and exciting. Team members are very supportive and the management will go out of the way to ensure that the interns complete the project assigned. From improving their oratory and social skills, the interns will also get many chances to polish their technical skills while working under experienced mentors here. In addition to free food, free shuttle and weekend off, the interns at HCL are offered free accommodation for their internship duration of 60 days.

4) Capgemini

The global leader in technology, consulting and digital transformation, Capgemini has currently more than 100,000 employees in India. As the IT giant continues to grow, it hires many interns to work with them. Some interns work during summers while some stay as long as a year. Capgemini believes that the business value of technology comes from and through the people and ensures every intern is made to feel special and responsible towards the company by letting them work in real projects from the first day. The stipend is good and the fun events and team outings are surely lucrative.

Stipend Range: 10,000 – 15,000 INR

Intern Insight – Flexi-work arrangements at Capgemini help maintain an amazing work-life balance. Employee friendly policies, consensus-driven work culture and regular event at work-floors make Capgemini a fun place to work at. The brand name is inviting and real project at Capgemini helps you enhance the skills in working technology. On a down-side, you will have to pay for your food though. 5) Ashok Leyland

A global leader in the manufacturing of trucks and buses, Ashok Leyland is a dream company for anyone interested in the automobile industry. The company has partnered with IIT Madras to carry out R&D activities for strengthening battery engineering and related sub-parts and often hires interns from the college for it. Its dynamic working environment and large scale projects give interns here an exposure that can go a long way shaping their career. And of course, the top brand name from the automobile industry

Stipend Range: 12,000 – 18,000 INR

Large scale projects, ownership of work, skill-development, and helpful management are some of the key features of internship at Ashok Leyland. The internship is good and lucky few get a chance to tour the manufacturing units as well. Amazing work culture and good travel policies make an internship here enriching and fulfilling. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a career in the automobile industry.

6) GAVS Technologies

GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a global IT services & solutions provider with an aim to improve the user experience while reducing resource utilization. Similar to Ashok Leyland, GAVS Technologies and IIT Madras pursue joint research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics thereby giving students many internship opportunities. From coding internship to internship on Big Data, artificial intelligence, IoT, digital marketing and many more, GAVS offers cool internship in some of the latest technologies. During an internship here you get a chance to learn a lot while developing your business and technology skills. What more? You may get a pre-placement offer if you are able to show real growth and learning.

Stipend Range: 15,000 – 20,000 INR

At Gavs Technologies, you gain an opportunity to utilize your existing academic skills and learn how your studies translate into a professional setting. With a strong focus on growth and strong leadership, you will learn way more than interns in other companies. You get a lot of opportunities to learn, grow and showcase your talent and skills. While you are here, make the best of it.

7) Freshworks

This VC funded SaaS startup is redefining the concept of the cool workplace with its colourful office decorated with amazing interiors and pictures of ‘Thalaiva'. You will see plush seating areas loaded with bean bags and a huge recreation room. On the first day of your internship, you will be given valuable insights into the company's business, products, and culture. You will be part of many fun activities that will help you interact with others and make new friends. In team meetings and activities every intern gets a chance to meet the top leadership.

Stipend Range: 19,000 – 21,000 INR

Intern Insight - If cool office and fun-filled work culture was not enough, you get free food, amazing Chennai filter coffee, flexible work hours, and weekend off. You can wear whatever you want and get guidance from friendly mentors who are keen on helping you. And of course a lucrative stipend.

8) Byjus

If you love targets, deadlines and being on your toes, join this education startup. Byjus is one of the fastest growing education startups that do mass hiring of interns. If you want to make a career in sales, an internship with Byjus will give you a good beginner's experience. In addition to a lucrative stipend, you will get great incentives if you are able to reach or exceed the target.

Stipend Range: 20,000 – 30,000 INR

Intern Insight – The internship program at Byjus is generally very well organized. Free food, hefty travel allowance and help managers make the internship experience at Byjus a smooth one. For someone with a good personality and convincing communication skills, getting a full-time job offer is very likely.


WABCO is an American provider of electronic braking, stability, suspension and transmission automation systems for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It is a great company for mechanical engineers to intern in. As an intern at WABCO, you will be given multiple pieces of training regarding safety, quality, 5s and other activities which are great for learning. In addition to a good stipend, WABCO provides you with global exposure and a chance to grow. Most interns stay for more than a year because of the learning and skill-development they get here is second to none.

Stipend Range: 16,000 – 18,000 INR

Intern insight – In addition to the work-culture, you will also fall in love with the scrumptious food and snacks WABCO provides to their interns. Flexible work timings and an annual outstation trip sponsored by the company just seals the deal. But yes, you will have to follow the official dress-code, which is formals.

10) Syncfusion

Syncfusion is a product based company developing apps and other web-based products. If you want to know how the software market across the world works, an internship with Syncfusion is a great opportunity. On the day of your joining, team leads and management will take the time to explain the value and workings of the company. As an intern, you will be either working on software development or software sales project. In addition to learning different programming languages, you will also learn about different licensing trends in the software industry.

Stipend Range: 17,000 – 22,000 INR

Intern Insight - The intern benefits at Syncfusion are outstanding with free breakfast on Mondays and free lunch on Thursdays. You will also be given free snacks and drinks every day. One of the few offices with zero office politics and you will make tons of friends even during your short stay here. Work pressure is low and regular team outings increase the fun quotient.


The list includes just 10 of the 1000s of companies offering internships in Chennai. To find out about internship openings in the above companies as well as other startups and MNCs in Chennai log on to www[dot]switchidea[dot]com. Switch Idea has more than 16000 registered employers offering verified internships with lucrative stipend and tons of other perks. To get access to the best of internships in Chennai as well as any other city in India to make an account with Switch Idea today.

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