How to Search for an Internship in your Vicinity

Tips to search internships

Apart from the fact that the HRD ministry of India has made it mandatory for every technical student to complete at least 3 internships, there are several other reasons to pursue one. Internships provide hands-on training and real-work experience in your chosen field of work. It gives you an idea of what to expect in the professional world and also provide you with numerous networking opportunities. Employers will definitely hire a fresher with internship experience against someone who has not done any internship.

Why it is a Good Idea to Look for Internship in Your Vicinity

There are many benefits of grabbing an internship in a company that lies close to your home/college hostel. You can pursue the internship even while attending colleges. You don't have to wait for summer or winter breaks to gain work experience. And even if the normal internship duration of 8 weeks is over, you can continue the internship part-time with college. In case of an outstation internship, you have no choice but to come back to attend college after the summer break is over.

In addition, an internship close to home is convenient and cost-effective. You can go to work without worrying about managing additional things like accommodation, food, etc. Also, you will save a lot of money on travelling and other things you will otherwise be spending when living independently

How to Find an Internship in Your Vicinity The process is not much different from how you will go about finding any internship. The only difference is that you will filter out only those openings that are based on your vicinity. Here are a few things to think of first

1) What do you mean by vicinity? Are you looking for a company located at walking distance or are ok with an internship that requires a daily travel

2) What is the career field you are interested in? Also, are there any companies in your area which work in that domain? Instead of sticking to one particular career-line, define a broad spectrum of the kind of work you want to do once you graduate

Make a CV

The first step towards finding an internship is to make a CV. Search online and read about how to make a stellar CV with no prior work experience. Highlight your educational qualifications and any other achievements you have in your academic life. Don't forget to add details of any project or volunteer work you have done so far. If you have interned before, include it as your past work experience.

Enrol on an Internship Portal

Once you have your CV ready, the next step is to make an account in an internship portal. Internship portals like Switch Idea, WayUp, and others help you filter your internship search for specific companies or for specific cities. This will help you narrow down your search to the openings in the nearest company.


With Switch Idea, you know that the internship is verified and the perks offered will be good. So once you find an internship in the company of your choice, go ahead and apply for it. Take some time customizing the application and writing an interesting cover letter. This is the thing that will differentiate your application from others

Seek References

Alternatively, you can keep an eye for an opening in the preferred company and look for references there. Most companies prefer a local candidate over others and references work best when applying locally. LinkedIn can be of great help to find people working in a company, who are happy to help.

If your resume is shortlisted, the next step is to prepare for the interview. Be confident, research about the company and dress for the role and there is nothing that can stop you from getting the internship in your vicinity.

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