PBIT - Internship Test

Project Based Internship Test (PBIT)
PBIT Internship Test
An online domain based test that will help you find the internship you deserve

After successfully conducting and administrating NTAT across all the major cities in India and helping thousands of students, get domain-specific internships, Switch Idea is taking a leap ahead and moving online with its pre-internship evaluation exam called PBIT i.e. Project Based Internship Test.

As the name suggests, PBIT is a unique employability test for students, fresh undergraduates and even postgraduates that will assist them in finding the best internships as per the individual requirements of the students. Similar to NTAT, the test is a broad assessment of your technical and non-technical skills and includes sections like critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal communication, and quantitative reasoning skills to name a few.

Most of the sections in PBIT are based on the skills you have developed over the course of many years. So you need not worry about dedicating any additional time preparing for the test.

The primary purpose of PBIT is to highlight your unique capabilities and help employers decide if you have got what it needs to be an intern in their company.

Here is a list of benefits that explains how PBIT can speed-up your internship hunt helping you beat the competition and grab the best opportunities:

You can take PBIT from anywhere you want

PBIT Internship Entrance Exam April 15, 2019

The most convenient thing about PBIT is that the entire process is online. From filling of the application form to exam registration and the test, you can do everything online. Regardless of where in India you are currently, you can appear for the test. Also, since the process is online, the results will be out quickly reducing the wait time.

PBIT helps you get a complimentary Switch Idea account

Switch Idea - Your Internship Assistance

As you enrol for PBIT, you get complimentary membership of Switch Idea, an internship portal that publishes only verified internships. Their internship helpline provides 24*7 support to guide you in every step of your internship hunt. In addition, the portal will recommend suitable internship openings based on your resume, skill sets and preference. You can also check applied companies, cover letter templates, and responses you have received. This reduces your pain of looking for an internship at countless different places and brings everything under one login.

PBIT Help You Prepare for On-Campus Recruitment of Top Companies

A lot of big and mass recruiting companies like Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, Deloitte, Mindtree, etc. conduct an assessment test for their first round of selection. The test contains sections similar to PBIT, such as verbal reasoning critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills. PBIT gives you an experience of how the company's assessment test is going to be like. By preparing for PBIT, you will be organically preparing for on-campus recruitment of many other companies.

You Get Detailed Performance Reports

Unlike most other employability tests that just give you a score, PBIT gives you a detailed performance report along with a section-wise break up of your score. These performance reports come really handy to give you an analysis of where you stand and the area you need to work on.