Facing Problem While Applying for Internship with Switch Idea

Illustration of How Internship Application Process Works

An internship is a vital element that serves as a stepping stone in one's professional career. It is a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills and establish important network and connections in the field. It is also a way to experience what it is to work in a specific field and find out if it is something you could see yourself doing full-time.

And getting a verified internship you deserve is no longer a problem with Switch Idea to help you at every step of your internship journey. All internships posted at our platform are manually verified at multiple levels and offer a (compulsory) stipend ranging from 5000-15000 INR per month. In addition, you get an internship certificate, experience letter, PO report, and intern feedback report.

To begin with, you need to register with Switch Idea either with a one-year (499 INR) or a two-year module (699 INR). As a registered student, you get access to all the premium features along with access to verified internship and dedicated internship helpline.

However, sometimes students face problem while applying to the internship. Some of the common problems they face are:

Not Able to Find an Internship Opening You Came Across a Few Days Ago?

This is because every internship at Switch Idea is kept public on the site only for 15 days after which the opening is archived and is not available for students to apply. This restricts the HR to make a selection and close the openings within 15 days thus eliminating the chances of any kind of delay or procrastination.

This also ensures that the NTAT certified students at Switch Idea always have access to a fresh pool of openings.

Not Able to Apply for Internship Because You Are Not Available for Internship on That Date

Many students complain that they are not able to apply for a given internship and are receiving message saying -

"Candidate can apply only on their availability period"

This is because a student can apply for an internship only when he/she is ready to start. Many times students randomly apply to several internships and get selected only to show their unavailability at the moment owing to exams, lectures or personal problem. This not only wastes the time and effort of the employer but also takes away the opportunity from someone who is available.

To avoid this, Switch Idea lets you mark your availability period and allows to apply for an internship opening only during that period. To set the availability dates, you need to go to your profile page where you are asked to ‘define your availability'. There you can select a start date and a tentative end date until which you can go for the internship. Your availability period should be a minimum of 30 days.

So, if you have mentioned your availability dates from April 15th to July 15th, you will be able to apply for internships only on or after April 15th. Therefore, it is very important that you mention the correct availability dates in your profile

You Can Change Availability Dates too!

If there is a change in your availability date or if there is an internship you want to apply for, you can simply go to your profile page and change your availability date. The start date should include today's date as well (or should be backdated) in order for you to able to apply.

While some students may argue that this ‘restriction' is unreasonable but in reality, this is what makes Switch Idea a reliable platform where an employer can get NTAT certified talent on the dates they want and students can get access to fresh new internship openings throughout the calendar year.

Dedicated Internship Helpline to Help You 24/7

If you still face any issue while applying for an internship, you can approach our helpline. Switch Idea has a dedicated helpline where our executives are always available to help you through email support, on-call support as well as live chat support. Our aim is to make internship easy, hassle-free and fruitful for our interns and we abide by it.

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