Things to do to your resume before the new year

As the year comes to an end and festivities are all around, a job search is one of the last things on your mind. This is because around this time of the year offices are slow in their workings, people are going on vacations, and companies are not really looking on hiring new employees. While this might be broadly relevant, this cannot be true for every organization. Many companies continue their hiring process depending upon the requirement rather than pondering about the time of the year.

And even if you are not on an active job search or running out early in the morning to catch interviews, you can actually do other things that can help you get a great head start as the new year comes by. And that is, working on your resume.

Here are a few great things you can do to your resume in the holiday season to start your job search in the new year with a bang:

Reflect on your Skills and Achievements

With every year gone by, we learn something new and update our skill-sets. The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect and ruminate about the things happened in the past year. What did you learn? What skills have you developed? Have you done any certifications?

Go through your resume and update it to reflect anything new you have learned this year. From skills to awards and recognition, make sure everything you have gained this year, is correctly updated in your resume. Your resume is something you would like to work on peacefully rather than rushing through it, and the holiday season is a very good time to update it.

Update your Projects and Responsibilities

Take a look back and update your resume with all the big projects you have been a part of and all the important responsibilities you have taken this year. If you have done something that is particularly relevant to your line of career, make sure it is mentioned in the front and at the center.

It also works in your favour if you can mention quantitative data to showcase your result-oriented performance. Sales number, website traffic details, social media engagement, ROIs – make sure you have quantifiable data to portray your key performance indicators analytically.

Do Something Different with your Format

When it comes to formatting your resume, little things can make a huge difference. If you haven't been hearing back from hiring managers lately, your (badly formatted) resume could be one of the reasons behind it. The holiday season is a great time to work on your resume and make it better. Create a resume that is neat, clear and concise. Give special attention to font, spacing, headings, and even bullet styles.

If you are in a creative field, you can make your resume visually appealing to unleash your creative side. Don't go overboard but playing around a little can definitely work in your favour.

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