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A Rewarding Internship with Global Automaker – Bajaj Auto

I always wanted to have my first internship with a big MNC and getting an internship with automobile giant Bajaj Auto Ltd was like a dream come true. I applied to the internship opening online through an internship portal. My prior experience working on core-companies for 2 years, helped me give an edge over my competitors.

The entire internship program – Octane 2018 at Bajaj Auto was very well-structured to help an intern understand the corporate culture with engaging induction sessions. The live business problems that I got a chance to work through Octane 2018 was a highly enriching experience especially with all the esteemed leadership team at Bajaj Auto

Project Experience

In the project, I got a chance to work in a commercial vehicle business unit where my work was to devise an action plan to increase the sales of the ‘given' vehicle units in a rural area in Karnataka. I had to work with 7 dealers who covered 70% of the sales in that area.

During the project, I worked closely with the entire supply chain starting from the managers, mid-level executives to the end customers. I was given complete ownership of the work and complete freedom to execute it the way I wanted to. Of course, there was help and guidance from expert mentors whenever I needed.


I was born and brought up in Delhi and since this was my first stint in Karnataka, there was a language issue in communicating with the dealers and end-customers. However, the people were helpful and tried to communicate in broken Hindi and English for my convenience.

The Experience

All in all, the 8 weeks internship with Bajaj Auto Ltd was an amazing experience with its set of challenges and impediments that I could overcome with the guidance of my leaders and came out learned and wiser. The internship paved the path for a great career ahead with a Pre-Placement offer from the company. The PPO paved the path for a new beginning and ensured that this is not the end yet.

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