Confidence building tips for introverted interns

Confidence building tips for introverted interns

As an introvert, everyday things like initiating a conversation with someone new may appear like a gigantic task. Especially at work when you are a new intern trying to get noticed and make your mark, being introvert might hamper your confidence. However, it should not. Even an introvert can be as well as appear confident at work with these simple tips:

Connect with people, one person at a time

Introverts are more comfortable in a one-on-one setting. If you are introvert, make connections with each team member on an individual basis. Go for lunch with each member or take a coffee break with colleagues from another department. Use the one-on-one interaction to connect with coworkers on a personal level. This will go a long way in building your network and boosting your confidence at work.

Know that Introverts Make Better Leader

This is because they are in better tune with what they like and use this information to create a better work environment. So don't just assume that the manager will choose the talkative colleague over you. Believe in your capabilities to make others believe in you.

Speak Substance

While an extrovert can speak without a pause, introverts are often intimated when speaking. So when you speak less, it is important that you speak substance. Know what you are talking about, speak confidently, with authority, and with a period in the end to make a statement. Project a strong presence and a positive body language. Practice in front of the mirror and take control of your own body and language before coming out in front of people.

Promote Yourself

Many introverts lose out on leadership opportunities because they consider self-promoting as bragging. However, the two are vastly different. In a corporate set-up, it is important to update key stakeholders about your contribution to a given project. Getting noticed for the work you have done will boost your confidence and will charge you up for what new is coming.

Stay positive

An internship is often the first job for most of us and starting on a positive note is very important especially for introverts to ensure that they are not emotionally drained out. When you are positive, you fall in love with the new company culture and the challenges that come along.

Celebrate Your Achievements and Victories

Whether you got an appreciation from your supervisor or completed your first project, celebrate every victory on the job. This will empower you and will make you more confident. Give yourself a treat. Relish every moment and witness your confidence going up gradually.

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