Nailing an Interview for a Product Management Job

Product management job interview

A product manager role requires the person to juggle between tasks that are highly diverse in nature. At one time, the manager will be briefing the technical team about their responsibilities and another time he is solving a conflict between two of his team members. All this requires the manager to have a vast range of skills and a sharp thinking ability.

Therefore, when it comes to applying for the role of a product manager, the interviews can be pretty tricky and challenging with a diverse set of questions. For someone applying for a product management job, covered below are the three key types of PM interview questions and how to nail them:


As a PM you will require to make several decisions on a daily basis. Some decisions will be quick with no ever-lasting consequences while some will be crucial decisions requiring serious consideration and analysis. Therefore, strong analytical skill is a must in a PM candidate and your interviewer will definitely be looking for them. They will want to check if there is an issue that comes up in which you have to use the power of your analysis, will you able to pull it off seamlessly?

A sample question would be something like "How would you analyse the chances of success of a product X in the given market?" or " If there is a sudden drop in your product's revenue, how will you go about investigating the issue?"Here they want to judge how you approaching a problem and if you can use your knowledge to analyse the situation and come up with a solution that accurately settles the issue.


Another thing that you will be doing a lot as a PM is making estimations. In order to decide which product or services will the users actually use and how big is the market potential for a given product, you will need to rely on internal data, market studies and, your own estimation judgement.

To judge your estimation accuracy skills, sample estimation questions may include: "How many fake profiles are added in Facebook every day" and "How many percentages of restaurants in Swiggy sell Chinese?"

The questions require you to use your estimation skills in a way that you break down the question into multiple questions. For example, an easy way to do that is to break down the number of new Facebook users and how many of them possibly are fake. They will look for a person who takes a rational approach to come down to an estimation rather than making a wild guess. This is because PMs are required to make very important decisions based on their estimations and if they are wrong, it can backfire and can prove very harmful for your organisation

Product design

Of course, as a product manager, good knowledge of product design is very important. The interviewer would want to check if you can put forward interesting ideas backed with logical steps on creating a product that can provide an excellent experience.

Sample product design questions may include: "Which is the best online shopping experience you have ever had and what made the experience different from other e-commerce stores in the market?"

The key to approaching these questions is to structure your answer and successfully navigate from high-level concepts to nitty-gritty details that are critical for launching successful products. In addition, interviewers will want to know that you can.

In order to answer these questions, it is important to structure them carefully and move from the broader picture to explaining nitty-gritty details that will make your product stand out.

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