5 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Internship

5 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Internship

So the internship is almost over. I am sure you have cherished the experience and learned something new that would take you ahead in your careers. However, before you go back to your college life, here are a few things you must do on the last day of your internship:

Document All the Work You Have Done

You will definitely want to use the experience you gained in your resume. And for that, it is important that you have a well-written document on what all you did during the internship. Doing it on the last day of the internship will be a lot easier than doing it weeks later. It is a good idea to send a copy of your projects to the supervisor so that he/she can give you a reference in your future job hunt.

Add Everyone on LinkedIn

If you have not already done this during the internship tenure, do it right away. Being connected online will help you stay in touch with your colleagues, managers as well as keep up with how the company is doing. Don't be a fool to assume people will remember you without any sort of connection.

Network Outside Work

Now that you won't be coming to the office every day, you will have to walk an extra mile to network with your co-workers. A good approach is to make plans for meeting for lunch on a weekend. Select a date and have a set plan because when you plan for meeting ‘someday', the day never actually comes. So make sure you put something on the calendar with your favourite people from internship to keep the connection alive.

Speak with Your Supervisor in an Exit Interview

If there is no exit interview planned, sit down informally with your supervisor to have a discussion about the work you have done and your performance. Talk about your strength, weaknesses and the progress you made. Ask for his advice on which career field you should pursue post the internship. Remember, part of the internship is to find out if the given career field is right for you or not?

Say Thank You

This one goes without saying. Meet your co-workers and your boss and tell them how much you enjoyed and learned during the internship. For someone who has really been your pillar of support, go the extra mile and drop some handwritten notes. Chances are that you will find the note on the desk of the person when you visit him in the office next time.

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