Top 10 Internships in Bangalore

Even before the AICTE made internships mandatory for engineering students, there was a huge competition to make it to the best internship openings. And Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, sure gives you that opportunity. Not that it will be easy, but then good things are not meant to be easy either! So, if you want to explore and are not afraid to deal with the competition, here is the list of top 10 internships in Bangalore that you can apply for. American Express

Given that American Express is on the top spot in our list of highest paid internships, it is no surprise that it is one of the most preferred company for interning in Bangalore. Named as India’s best organisation to work for, American Express offers lucrative perks and a career-start that most students can only dream of. Of course, you need to work hard, maintain a steady academic portfolio, and add that X-factor to your resume to make it here. The three-step application process, i.e. Online Application -> Online Test -> F2F interview might not be as simple as it appears. You need to be fundamentally strong and technically skilled to beat the competition. Visit their Careers page to know about the latest internship openings. Amazon From being the largest e-commerce store in India to the company that revolutionised entertainment industry, Amazon is one of the most sought after companies not only by job-seekers but by interns too. With an array of amazing perks and a stipend to fantasise, Amazon also offers pre-placement offer to a vast majority of its interns. However, it is not easy to get an internship with Amazon. The company is famous for its gruelling interview process, and hires students who can manage to stand out in the crowd. Visit their Careers page to find and apply for internships at Amazon. Dell Technologies Dell needs no introduction. With multiple offices in Bangalore, the tech giant is serious about hiring more and more interns and future employees. In fact, according to a company memo, it aims at having 25 per cent of all external hirings through college campus by 2020. As of now, Dell Technologies offers multiple internship opportunities in financial accounting, financial services, marketing, information technology, engineering and computer science, global operations, human resources, and more. Some of the best internship opportunities can pay a stipend of almost 40k per month. Visit their Jobs page to know about latest internship openings with Dell India. Britannia With its head office in Bangalore, the ‘Biscuit King’, Britannia is known to offer some of the yummiest internship opportunities in the country. Summer Internships at Britannia last for about eight weeks, and a majority of them are meant for management students. However, there are also a few openings for engineering students. At the end of the internship, a pre-placement interview or a pre-placement offer is awarded to students who performed well. There is also a ‘Best Summer Project’ award that is given to one deserving intern, who in turn gets a sizeable cash award. Britannia hires interns from premier B-schools and engineering colleges through campus placement only. Arista Arista was awarded as the Glassdoor Employee Choice Awards 2015, reinstating the fact that it is one of the best places to work in. The computer networking company is known for its innovation in designing break-through switches and software driven cloud network space. If you are someone who loves coding or breathe technology, an internship with Arista is the best thing that can happen to you. With a recorded revenue of US$1.26 billion last year, the company’s Bangalore office will mesmerise you with its amenities, and the people with their passion for technology. And of course the perks: stipends and a chance to get a pre-placement offer. What more to soothe your tech-loving mind! Visit their Careers page to be updated about the latest internship openings. SAP From an internship on coding, to that on Big Data, IoT, AI, marketing and many more, SAP has tons of internship openings you can apply for. With a focus on technology and learnings, the SAP internship will help you explore your technical capabilities, while giving you enough flexibility to make a smooth transition from college to corporate life. It is one of the highest rated companies for internships at Glassdoor. It is also one of the top rated companies regarding stipend and perks offered to the interns. Visit their Internships page to apply for an internship at SAP. Samsung Samsung India has several divisions in India- Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, and Samsung C&T- and all these divisions offer exciting internship opportunities. Their R&D division in Bangalore is largest in the country, and chances are that as an intern you will be posted here. A look at the online reviews and you will realise that internships at Samsung come with a fantastic set of perks and a 25% discount on the purchase of any Samsung product. The average internship stipend ranges from 22 to 30k per month. Visit Samsung Career Center to apply at latest internship openings. BMW While it is a dream for most students to excel in their career and own a BMW vehicle, an internship with the company is no less than an achievement. Known as Future Talent Programmes, an internship at BMW emphasises on-the-job learnings and gives you a chance to work on real projects. The full-time internship durations at BMW varies from 4 to 6 months while there is no restriction on part-time internships. And if you perform well, you can continue as long as you wish to. To apply for an internship at BMW India, visit their Careers page. Flipkart Headquartered at Bangalore, Flipkart was taken over by Walmart at a whopping US$16 billion. With many new improvements and launches, Flipkart is open to fresh talent more than ever. The company has a unique internship program called 'FLINTERSHIP' where they are very keen and systematic on the way they hire and train new talent. They have even partnered with some universities to train their interns. In addition to amazing perks and a handsome stipend, a majority of interns at Flipkart are extended a pre-placement offer. Most interns hired by Flipkart are through campus selection. So, if you want to get that internship at Flipkart, you must coax your college’s Training and Placement Cell to reach out to Flipkart. NetApp With multiple offices and headquarter at Bangalore, you have many choices concerning both location and technology when interning with NetApp. If you are a sucker for the latest technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning and Data insights, NetApp is the technology heaven for you. It offers a plethora of internship opportunities, and boasts of a parallel working structure where even an intern can walk and talk to a senior VP about his ideas. It offers some fantastic perks, good stipend and an opportunity to be a part of countless social events. To apply for an internship with NetApp, visit their Careers page for University students.

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