5 Ways NTAT Helps You Boost Your Credibility as an Intern

Benefits of NTAT Certification

Credibility is hard to earn, especially when you are an intern and still unaware of the small things that matter in the corporate world. People around judge you based not only on your performance but on your actions too! Every moment, they are trying to gauge if you are credible enough to become a full-time employee.

And what better way to boost your credibility as an intern than NTAT certification. Whether you are pursuing an internship or looking for one, here are 5 ways in which NTAT can help you build and maintain your credibility:

NTAT Helps You Know the Value of What You Provide

Instead of just believing that you are good with a particular skill-set, NTAT helps you know—honestly know what value you provide to your organisation. It helps you test your skills and abilities and understand where you stand regarding value-addition to the job. When you know your real worth, you are confident enough to communicate both your strength and limitations to the employer, thereby creating credibility.

NTAT Gives You Insights Based on Analysis and Research

When you can add valuable insights to a conversation, it automatically creates credibility. And ideas come from learning about the employer and what he wants. In addition to helping you get an internship easily, NTAT also enables you to understand what an employer expects from you. Remember, as an intern, you are not expected to know much, and when you add fresh perspectives to old problems, you build trust which can be valuable in the long-run.

NTAT Establishes You as Someone Who Takes Responsibility

If there is a situation that did not end the way you wanted it to, own it up and take responsibility for whatever happened. Just like you took the responsibility to get the best internship. NTAT was not a part of your course; still, you went for it because you didn’t want to rely on your contacts to get the best internships. Instead, you wanted to give your best shot by working to for it.

NTAT Ensures Authenticity

NTAT is strict with background verification. So much so that you are not provided with an NTAT badge unless you submit a list of self-attested documents including your college mark sheet, government identity cards, resume and project work details. Also, the identity of the candidate is verified manually at the examination centre. That means only the right candidate is allowed to appear for the exam.

All this together ensures that an NTAT certified candidate is verified and hence credible.

NTAT Certified Interns Have a Proven Ability to Handle the Assigned Work

A candidate who is not able to handle the assigned task can never be credible. Thankfully, an NTAT certified intern has proven ability as well as the needed skill set to handle the assigned work. Of course, there will be some learning curve and some initial orientation that will be needed, but you won’t have to invest too much time and money in training the intern. He is most likely to have the skill sets he has mentioned in the resume and thus is credible enough to be trusted for real assignments and not just for fetching coffee.

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