Highlights of the Student Internship Policy Released by AICTE

AICTE Internship Policy Decoded

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has released student internship policy for engineering students, making it mandatory to undergo 600-700 hours of internship for BE/BTech and 450-500 hours for diploma courses. As per the report, a student has the option to either go for a full-time internship or pursue it part-time.

Here the main pointers from the policy released by AICTE:

Internship Duration and Academic Credentials

For a degree, 14-20 credits should be earned through the internship, 1 credit is equivalent to 40-45 hours of work. For a diploma, 10-14 credits should be earned. During 4th and 6th semester summer breaks, students can obtain credits for entrepreneurial activity/project work/seminar and inter/intra-institutional training. During the last semester, students may take project and seminar work as per the institution's curriculum. Any student who chooses suggestive activity program under AICTE approved institution, devotes 6 months and achieves significant goals, his credit requirement for the internship will be considered fulfilled.

Internship Guidelines for the Institution

The Training and Placement (T&P) cell in an institution will arrange internship for students after 2nd, 4th and 6th/7th semester as per AICTE affiliating university guidelines. The general procedure for arranging internship is:

  1. Send a request letter from the college T&P cell to the industry to allot various slots of 4-6 during summer vacation as internship periods for students.

  2. The industry will inform via email/ SMS/ post/ fax/ call regarding the available training slots and the number of seats allocated for internships.

  3. Students should submit the joining report/ letters/email on joining training at the concerned industry.

  4. A faculty member should visit the concerned industry to evaluate the performance of student undergoing internship, and an evaluation report should be submitted at TPO with consent from industry personnel.

  5. Students will submit a training report after completion of the internship.

  6. The training certificate is to be obtained from the industry.

Internship Guidelines for the Students

For allotment of internship slots, all students are required to submit a 'Student Internship Programme Application' before the prescribed date. The offer given by the company is to be accepted by the student irrespective of the company, job profile, job location or stipend offered. A student who voluntarily gives in writing that he/she does not require placement assistance from the institute will be exempted from participation in the placement activities. At the commencement of the session, some student volunteers will apply to work with the TPO. Among the volunteers, one student will be selected as ‘student coordinator’ who will be accountable to TPO and will be given significant responsibility.

Guidelines for Industry Offering Internship

The internship program should be designed keeping in mind the company’s requirement and student’s profile. It can be done in collaboration with the institute and follow the given guidelines:

Identify Goals

What does company want to achieve by hiring interns?

  • Finding new employees

  • Seeking technical help

  • Looking to provide a learning and rewarding experience.

Pre-internship planning for the Company

  • What are the perks you are offering?

  • Do you have adequate workspace?

  • What sort of academic background you seek from your interns?

  • Who will be responsible to guide and mentor the interns?

  • What task will be assigned to interns?

  • What are the possible outcomes you desire to see?

Managing the Intern

  • Orientations of interns

  • Provide them the required resources

  • Introduction to the technical team