Hiring Interns? Don’t Forget To Ask Their NTAT Score

Evaluate Interns Before You Interview Them Through NTAT.

For fresh graduates who are new to the workforce, the value of an internship is obvious: they lack experience, and an internship will help them make a move from theoretical knowledge to a real corporate environment. But what the interns have in store for a company?

A good internship program can boost your employer brand and provide a valuable way of connecting with recent graduates who can offer new perspectives to your company’s working. You could assess an intern’s work performance and extend a full-time offer if he seemed skilled and qualified during the internship.

However, before hiring interns, you need to structure a program where you hire qualified interns who can add value to the company. And how do you do that? How can you ensure that the intern you are hiring is indeed ‘qualified’?

Is a Resume Enough?

When interviewing candidates, most companies rely too much on what is written on their resume and what they say about themselves during the interview. While this can give you some idea about the candidate’s ability, it is not a sure-shot way to gauge his skill-sets. And with so many cases of candidates faking it on resume and lying during the interview, the chances are high that you won’t get a real assessment.

NTAT Score will Help You Evaluate

What is NTAT? It is a renowned aptitude and technical ability test that will help you quantify the employability skills of the candidate in question. Students who are passionate about pursuing a meaningful internship opt to appear for NTAT.

The enrolled student has to appear for the test which consists of a series of multiple choice questions in areas involving interpersonal communication, psychometric test, general awareness, work situational test, technical and domain knowledge. NTAT is a well-designed program that helps you analyse the real ability of a candidate. The NTAT score helps you evaluate where the candidate stands amidst the hundreds of internship applications you might have received.

Also, every internship candidate has to go through a series of manual checks and background verification ensuring that you only hire a verified candidate. NTAT is also strict with year gaps and only academically sound candidates with no ‘year gaps’ are NTAT certified.

Many Benefits of Hiring a Candidate with a good NTAT Score

The highest achieved a score in 5 years of NTAT history is 75, mainly because NTAT is not meant to appease the candidates by giving every other candidate a percentile of 90 but to evaluate the real capability of the intern. That means an NTAT score of 50 is great and the student worth-hiring.

Apart from this, an NTAT certified candidate needs minimal training and is worth-hiring proven with the fact that 80% of NTAT certified interns are extended a pre-placement offer on completion of their internship duration.

So next time you look forward to hiring an intern makes sure you ask his NTAT score.

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