6 Advantages of Hiring NTAT Certified Interns for Your Company

Advantages of hiring NTAT certified interns at your organisation

An intern is a valuable addition to your company, who is supposed to make your life easier. Right?

However, going through the entire process of hiring the best candidate can be so confusing and overwhelming that you might start feeling if it is worth it. Especially, if you are a one-man army at a start-up managing everything on your own.

Dealing with a long list of resumes, shortlisting and then interviewing a dozen candidates only to find that they are nothing like what is written on their resume can be frustrating.

So, how can you ease-down the process and easily find an ideal intern? How can you ensure that the candidate possesses the quality and skill-set written in his portfolio? The answer is simple; by hiring an NTAT certified intern.

Although the list is long, here are 6 main advantages of hiring an intern who is NTAT certified:

1. Save Big on Training Cost

NTAT is a well-designed program that tests the employability skills of a candidate as well as quantifies his skill-sets through NTAT Score. A candidate with a decent NTAT score is naturally a qualified and skilled person who possesses the required domain expertise.

That means, instead of spending time and money on training the candidate, you can straightaway assign him the task after initial orientation. Thus saving big on the training cost.

2. Get Better Productivity and Improved Operations

It has been proved multiple times and testified by many employers that NTAT certified interns are more productive and efficient in their job as compared to a non-certified intern. They exhibit creative thinking and leadership qualities and stand out when decision-making is required.

It is for the reason that almost 100 per cent of NTAT certified interns get better internship opportunities as compared to their counterparts. Employers who have hired NTAT interns can rest assured knowing that the designated work is in safe hands and the interns will exceed their expectations.

3. Get a Positive Mindset that Promotes Good Energy Within the Organisation

How is NTAT certification a guarantee of positive mindset? Well, an NTAT certified candidate is the one who took the matter in his hands and appeared for NTAT so that he can get access to best internship opportunities.

He is not the one who blames luck for failure but someone who is a go-getter- someone who understands that hard work drives success. And when they get the opportunity they have thrived for, they want to make the most of it. They have an air of excitement, work efficiently and outperform interns who are not-so-happy with his job.

4. ‘Report Intern’ Feature to Get Back to Interns in Case of Misconduct

Most companies hire interns with a long-term association in mind. They spend time, resources and effort in training them and to make them ready for a full-time position in their company. However, when an intern absconds or leaves without any notice, it can cause huge financial loss to the company. Not to forget the void created due to sudden absconding of the intern.

But Switch Idea provides ‘Report Intern’ feature that can be used to report any intern for misconduct or absconding. They are connected to the college's ‘Training and Placement' cell, and a wrong-doing can get the candidate blacklisted from future hiring. So, you can be assured that even if a candidate chooses to leave your company, you will get proper notice and intimation, giving you time to find a replacement.

5. Get Corporate-Ready Intern

You don’t hire an intern to fetch you coffee. Instead, you want someone whom you can trust with ‘real office work’. Of course, there will be some initial guidance and a learning curve that every intern have to go through. But you don’t want to be stuck with someone who does not know the basic protocol of a corporate world.

Your dream candidate would be someone who is interested in learning the nuances of the job at hand. An NTAT verified intern has a proven ability to handle the assigned work. He is self-learner, and little guidance will take him a long way. You can trust him with real assignments knowing that he did possess the skill sets that he claims in the resume.

6. They Make Some of the Best Full-time Employees

This may look obvious, but it is an important point. The internship is not only a good way of attracting full-time employees, but it is a well-defined program to find an employee who gels well with your corporate culture and is familiar with it. Someone who accepts and is accepted by the company before entering full-time into it.

And there are excellent reasons why as high as 80% of NTAT certified interns are offered a full-time opportunity at the organisation they interned with. This is because they prove their ability as interns and embrace the working culture of the company they are interning with.

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