Some Important Things to Know About NTAT Certification Exam

NTAT Certification Exam

So you know NTAT is a renowned test that helps you get access to verified internship openings and gives you an edge, to begin with. But what exactly is the test like? What are the subjects? What is the cut-off score?

Well, if you too have confusion, doubt, and questions regarding the NTAT Certification exam, here are a few things you must know:

NTAT is not just a Test

It is a well-designed program that screen students on their aptitude and technical tests. Besides, it brings along a host of benefits including free Switch Idea membership, dedicated internship helpline and verified internship opportunities.

Unlike most college based internships that judge students based on their:

  • College/Institute Reputation

  • Academic Score/CGPA

  • Attendance

  • References, etc

NTAT does an honest evaluation, judging students on their strength, abilities and IQ.

You Need Not Extensively Prepare for the Test

NTAT is a multiple choice test that consists of 100 questions of medium difficulty level. It tests students on:

  • English communication skills

  • Psychometric aptitude

  • General awareness

  • Work situation awareness and readiness, and

  • Technical and domain knowledge

You don’t have to study anything new or special to appear for the test. The only area where you’ll need a little preparation is the technical section. But even here the questions are already from courses you are already studying. The score is calculated in percentage and is usually declared within 20 days of the exam.

No Previous Year Question Paper Available on Public Platforms

Since NTAT follows the industry-specific questionnaire pattern every year, therefore, it does not allow students to carry question paper after the exam. This way, the authenticity of the exam is maintained, and it ensures that students do not learn the question pattern or mug up the answers. Also, since the questions are not from core academics, there is no need for prior preparation or sample question papers.

Type of Internship you get Depends on your Score

NTAT does not interfere with the recruitment policy of any company. It is entirely dependent on a company’s internship and placement team on which candidate they select. However, it is primarily driven by what your NTAT score is, and how your skill set matches with the company's requirements.

A host of Premium Benefits Enjoyed by Certified Student

  1. NTAT Badge – It certifies that you have cleared the exam successfully and have submitted all the required documents at the examination centre.

  2. Recommendation Letters- From our online platform as well as offline channels giving you an edge over other students.

  3. Priority Applications – Your internship application will be prioritised and will be shown higher in chronology as compared to non-certified students increasing your chances of getting shortlisted.

  4. Free Switch Idea Account – You will get a free account for 1, 2 or 3 years as per the NTAT module you have selected.

  5. Dedicated Support Helpline – Personalised internship assistance from pre-internship to the post-internship period to help you resolve your queries.