Add NTAT Certification on LinkedIn - Validate and Promote Your Skills

Adding NTAT Certification To Linkedin Profile

Time and again we have emphasised on the many benefits of having NTAT certification and how it can help you get your dream internship. However, merely appearing for NTAT is not enough unless prospective employers come to know about this certification of yours. Color

Of course, you can write about it in your resume. But not every employer follow this pre-defined route of “Email – Cover letter – Resume – Shortlisting – Interview – Selection “to hire an intern.

Many employers prefer hiring interns through the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn. Also, employers who go through the conventional method also prefer cross-checking a candidate's credibility as well as a social approach by his/her LinkedIn profile.

That is why it makes sense to add your NTAT certification on LinkedIn. Adding NTAT certification on LinkedIn has many tangible and intangible benefits. Especially, when adding NTAT certification on LinkedIn is an easy 3-step process

Here is How to add NTAT certificate to LinkedIn

1) Go to and login to your Switch Idea Student Account.

2) After logging in, navigate to your ‘Profile’ from the drop-down menu.

3) Scroll to the bottom of your Profile page. Under NTAT section, in the right corner, you will find a ‘ LinkedIn’s Add to Profile’ button.

Just click on that button and you are done. Simple, fast and easy!

Here's a quick tutorial for adding NTAT Certificate To Your Linkedin Profile:

Benefits of Adding NTAT Certificate on LinkedIn

1. Signifies a Verified and Qualified Student

NTAT certification makes a student employable and trustworthy as compared to a student who is non-certified. Considering the well-designed test every NTAT certified student has to go through, it is natural that an NTAT certified student has better professional skill and credentials. Also, the student is verified with an exhaustive background check thereby building credibility and trust.

So naturally, a LinkedIn profile with NTAT badge would be considered superior as it signifies a student who is verified and qualified.

2. Increase Your Profile’s Exposure

Adding NTAT badge to your profile increases your profile’s view and exposure. When you add NTAT badge to your profile, a Google search for NTAT verified students would also include your profile in the search result thereby increasing your profile view significantly. Also, when you have a visible ‘x’ factor in your LinkedIn profile, it naturally creates curiosity and increases views.

3. Adds to Your Chances of Getting Hired

It is no secret that an NTAT certified candidate is considered to have better employability skills than a non-certified student. So when an employer comes across two similar profile in LinkedIn, he is more likely to choose a student with NTAT certification badge as compared to someone who has not.

4. Helps you in Networking

Whether it is about receiving messages from students who are considering appearing for NTAT or from fellow NTAT certified students, an NTAT badge opens many new windows for communication and networking. And networking is always beneficial, especially when you are a student looking to start your career.

So, if you are already NTAT certified and have not added the badge to LinkedIn, do it right away to validate and promote your skills.

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