8 Things to Consider About Swearing at Work

8 Tips Regarding Cursing at Work

Completing your college degree and trying to look for an internship that suits your interest can be a difficult task. Being unaware of the do's and don'ts of an unfamiliar environment only adds to the struggle. While cursing might be considered normal in your college, things at the workplace can be very different.

Here are eight simple survival tips for work:

1. Observe the culture of the organisation

Leadership styles and basic policies are the two main things that determine all the rules in a workplace. To successfully understand the two, observe and listen carefully to what other interns and experienced professionals are doing. While cursing may be considered highly unethical in some offices, others could have a completely different culture and environment.

2. Always be alert. Always

You might think that since it is way past work hours and the whole team is just casually enjoying a drink, and it should be acceptable for you to go uncensored. That's where you're wrong. Even then, stay alert to your surroundings and watch your mouth. Comments made at informal gatherings will be shared since it is just an extension of the professional workday.

3. Cursing at the workplace tends to represent low intelligence

As a new intern, it is vital for you to maintain a good reputation among colleagues. This applies especially if you're hoping to get a permanent job at the firm eventually. You should aim to give your teammates the impression that your work is extremely professional and that you are educated and intelligent. With cursing, you portray an opposite image. Since most vulgar language is used to replace proper vocabulary, it does not represent a mature image.

4. Be vigilant for opportunities

Most interns at an organisation are aiming to score a permanent job at the workplace. To do so, it is always safer to follow what you see. If the higher-level management does not curse, you probably shouldn't either. Make sure you mimic the qualities of your administrator and try to be noticed by the management as a responsible, professional and formal worker.

5. Be a brand ambassador with customers

Clients are more likely to trust you in representing them when you represent your organisation in the best possible way. Cursing, however, is usually considered an unprofessional habit which is not appreciated by clients. If you're looking to make a good and lasting impression, remember to embody brands at their highest and best.

6. Control your emotional reactions

College students and fresh graduates tend to curse when they feel the need to reclaim power over a conversation. At the workplace, it is always better to respond, not react. Formulate a clear answer and respond appropriately, as you learn to control your urge to lash out at colleagues.

7. If you make a mistake, be sincere

When you're new to the professional world and unaware of many rules, there is a likely chance of you making a mistake. If you accidentally curse in a situation where it is considered unethical, remember to be humble and own up to your fault. Sincere apologies and being honest is always the right thing to do.

8. Follow the lead but use discretion

Interns are continuously trying to find ways to fit into the complex organisational structure of a new company. The easiest way to do this is to mirror the appropriate behaviour of leadership. Remember to combine personal comfort and work ethic carefully. Integrity can also be perfectly demonstrated with thoughtfully chosen language at the new workplace and ensuring high levels of professionalism.

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