Interning At Mahindra Can Prove To Be Your Best Investment

An internship at Mahindra Insurance Brokers, Ltd (MIBL) is an enriching and life-altering experience you'll never forget. Not only will you emerge with sought-after skills, but you'll also experience role models which may affect the person you become.

It won't be like a typical job where you may feel like a cog in a wheel. You will meet unforgettable people who guide you in learning and exploring their unique work world.

Everyday Environment

From the minute I arrived, it was clear I was in a caring and collaborative environment. I felt like I mattered, my project mattered and was given all the support I could need during my time there.

I was treated like a team member instead of an intern. That's a remarkable feeling. My mentor was deeply invested in me and the project I was given, giving me time to figure things out on my own, but also patiently teaching me what I needed to know.

Approachable leaders made that experience much more positive. For example, Dr Jaideep Devare, MD was an inspirational role model. It was fantastic being able to interact with all levels of company staff and decision makers.

It's a business that has achieved remarkable growth in a little over a decade. It's no wonder they're certified by Great Place to Work in India.

What Will You Learn?

I felt like I could make a real difference just through my important project in the company. Being interested in pursuing Human Resources, I was given a project improving employee engagement scores at MIBL by apply HR analytics to understand engagement drivers.

Essentially, I had a lot of independence, but also had amazing access to teaching resources when I needed them while working with the People Development Team at Mahindra.

My project was relevant to what I was interested in, and helpful for the company also. All the interns received relevant projects and felt so much more prepared for the business world after completing them.

Learning wasn't limited to work hours. We got involved with culturally fun things during the induction programme, such as a night-cycling tour of Mumbai and an extended gaming session with the Boardroom Company. There were a variety of other opportunities too.

There was a lot of fun to be had at Mahindra, but there were opportunities for professional development too. We travelled to beautiful locations, including Goa and Daman, getting a chance to interact with sales executives at their weekend beach resort training.

It went beyond an internship when we experienced workshops of Design Thinking, Blockchain, and Psychometrics.

Not only that, community care was included to make it a complete package. We renovated a school in Matunga Labor Camp with Mr Anand Mahindra himself. Learning so much about the culture and lives of various people was invaluable.

Experience it For Yourself

Mahindra Leadership University has a unique selection process. It's a fun process and one in which you're encouraged to be yourself and think creatively.

I recommend taking great care with your application, as it represents who you are before they get a chance to meet you. You'll later be asked questions related to your answers on the application. Confidence and the ability to be genuine will take you places in the interview process.

Try to think of instances which show your ability to align with Mahindra's core purposes, which are:

  • Accepting no limits

  • Alternative thinking

  • Driving positive change

The panellists will put you at ease as you engage in a conversation-based discussion about various topics. The is an internship that is well worth the effort and a journey you'll be so happy you took!

Author Credits: This Post Was Originally Published on InsideIIM's Blog on June 26th, 2018 by Saranya Mukherjee.

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