How To Get Internship Even If You Have Low Grades

How To Get a Great Internship Even If You Have Low Grades

A lot of things happen in college. Many of them make good memories that could last a lifetime. But it's usually the bad moments that could determine the rest of our lives. Perhaps you've been struggling with a subject, or maybe you were juggling different jobs while attending class. No matter which situation you were in, having bad grades is a part of college life.

Having low grades might seem like the end of the world, especially for students who are about to graduate. But believe it or not, there are still ways to score an internship even with a low GPA. Bad grades might make things a lot more difficult, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible. Here are some tips that might help you out:

Edit Your Resume

Many students tend to think that a resume is a list of achievements and awards. But let's be honest, most students don't have a long list of gold medals and certificates. So how do you make a resume a little bit more uplifting?

The trick is to use action words in your job description. Using powerful action words like "pioneered" or "facilitated" isn't just a show of your vocabulary skills. These words give an impression that you are active and equipped with both communication and technical skills.

Don't Talk About It Unless Asked

Contrary to popular opinion, you are not required to add your GPA to your resume. Writing your alma mater name and the course you've taken as your educational background should already suffice. However, be reminded that there are cases where you might be asked to indicate your GPA.

If you do have to talk about your low grades, don't worry! Be honest and explain the reason behind your performance. Let them know that you've learned a lot from your experiences and that you are looking for more opportunities to improve yourself.

Let Your Extracurriculars Speak For You

When your academic score isn't something you can talk about with pride, bring your interests hobbies onto the table. Extracurricular activities aren't as extra as you think they are. Instead of treating them as something that you do on the side, it's a chance for you to show what you are passionate about and what you are skilled at.

Some employers aren't very keen on academics. They are interested in getting to know your skills, your personality and other things that don't involve a textbook.

Get Referred

Last but not least, use your connections. Networking your way through isn't a bad thing. It is a chance for you to work on your people skills as well. Although some people may frown at the idea of using others to boost your application, it is not something to be shameful about. Before getting referred to anyone, you still need to exhibit your skills and great personality.

Search through your list of contacts and see which candidates can help speak for you. Don't forget to mention their names on your resume as well as this will help your application stand out just a little bit more.

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