Things You Should And Should Not Wear For An Interview

So it’s your first interview, and you’re nervous as ever. I’m pretty sure you are prepared for the tricky questions they’re going to throw at you, but most people often forget to plan their outfit for their big day and panic at the last moment. I’m here for you. But before that, let’s talk about first impressions. Shall we?

“The first impression is the last impression” No, it’s not! But does a first impression matter? Oh yes. More than you think it does. And these first impressions are formed through your looks. The person who said looks don’t matter is either lying or has a really low self-esteem. The first thing people notice about you is the way you dress. Looks do matter but not the most, remember that! And self-esteem matters even more. So if you’re confident, you are beautiful.

Now let’s get you ready for your first ever interview. The basic attire for an interview is known by most, but I’ll just quickly list it down for you.

For men:

  • A suit

  • A shirt with long sleeves.

  • A watch.

  • Belt

  • Clean, dark coloured socks.

  • Clean shoes.

For women:

  • Suit

  • A formal skirt/pants

  • A well coordinated blouse.

  • A decent blazer

  • Sophisticated but comfortable shoes.

Now let’s get into some details. Here are a few things you need need to avoid on your D-day strictly.

1) Avoid flashy colours.

The colour of your suit makes a huge difference. Each colour affects the interviewer’s sub-conscious in different ways. Navy blue has been proven to be the most effective colour as it depicts a sense of conviction and loyalty. Grays, browns and blacks work well too. Every colour has a particular energy so spread your positivity through the colour of your suit.

2) Keep your ties down.

Wear a subtle plain tie instead of going all funky. Ties with patterns and characters will only distract the interviewer. Keep it simple.

3) Heels shouldn’t be too high.

Heels do give confidence, but they shouldn’t take away your ability to walk confidently towards the panel. Keep comfort on the forefront.

4) Keep the cell phone away.

Before entering the room, switch off your cell phone. Nobody likes to be interrupted. A call from a distant friend might cost you your job. Also, unplug those headphones before you go in.

5) Avoid chewing gum.

For one, it’s really irritating when you talk with your mouth open. Also, it will distract the interviewer. Chewing gums can wait, your job opportunity won't. So, watch it.

6) Deep V-necks and miniskirts.

Remember you are interviewing for a job, and not walking down the ramp. Save those short dresses and tank tops for the celebration later that night, once you get the job. Keep it decent. Remember, the trick is to be classy and not trendy.

7) Dirty shoes

They say your personality reflects on how clean your shoes are. They’re not going to look down at your shoes the moment you come in, but hey, what’s wrong with being on the safer side? Also, avoid wearing sneakers and high tops and all the other ‘swag-related’ footwear on the interview.

8) Long sparkly nails.

Nails are noticed when you speak with gestures or when you go for a handshake. So make sure they’re clean and well trimmed. Also, keep the bright colors away for the day.

9) Heavy cologne and shabby beards.

Smelling good is okay but smelling ‘too good’ is not. Wear the normal amount of cologne which you usually do. You don’t have to smell like Christmas when you go in there. Also, there might be a slight possibility of the interviewers being allergic to a certain smell. And trim your beard or shave it off, you can rock that manly-HughJackman look after the internship.

10) Avoid heavy make-up and jewellery.