How To Positively Ace Video Interviews

Strategies for Nailing the Video Interview

Interviewing has long been a standard practice in the business world, but technology has changed the way we interview significantly. Some companies still use the traditional methods of scanning paper résumés and interviewing in person, sometimes through a series of meetings. However, more and more organisations are turning to video interviews. What once seemed like a futuristic endeavour is now a common practice thanks to the high-speed internet and improved video technology. If you find yourself preparing for a video interview, follow some of these useful tips to make sure that you ace it like a champ.

Treat it like a Face-to-Face Interview

Just because you don't have to walk into office space and shake hands with the other person, it doesn't mean that you should act any more casually. Wear what you would usually wear to an in-person interview. If you are applying to a formal finance position, your best suit, shirt, and tie are appropriate. For more casual creative jobs, you should be okay with a nice shirt and blazer. The camera may leave out some blemishes, but people can tell whether or not you are prepared based on your looks and demeanour. It is essential to remain as professional as you would if you were sitting across the table from the interviewer.

Prepare ahead of Time

You wouldn't go to a real interview without going over potential questions and answers, so you should follow those same rules for a video interview. Take your time to research the company with whom you are interviewing. Go over your accomplishments and skills and be ready to discuss them at length with your interviewer. Proper preparation can help make the video interview seem much more natural.

Mind your manners

It can be easy to let your manners slip during a video interview. It may feel like you are sitting alone in a room, so you might be inclined to start fidgeting with your pen or playing with your hair. Remember that the other person can see everything that you are doing. Before you sit down for the video call, tell yourself that you are in their office and refresh your memory about standard interview etiquette. Companies are not going to be impressed by a slouch, whether in person or on camera.

Loosen Up

This may seem like it contradicts the point about manners, but we aren't suggesting that you throw all caution out the window. What we do recommend is that you be yourself and let your personality shine through. Interviewing on camera can be a little bit awkward, but if you loosen up and act naturally, it will make the experience more pleasant and informative for both parties. You don't have to act like you're out at a bar with your friends, but you shouldn't appear uptight or nervous either. Find the right balance that lets the company know who you are and why you feel that you can contribute to their overall success.

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