Switch Idea's 2018 Latest Consulting Rankings Are Here!

Best Consulting Firms To Work For 2018

Our 2018 rankings of the best consultancy firms to intern at have finally arrived, and we're very excited to share the results with you! Whether covering the areas of management, HR, or finance, consulting firms remain an integral part of the global economy and corporate framework, making them great places to work for employees and budding interns alike. Here are some highlights from this year's list!

McKinsey & Company rise to #1 - narrowly

Many consider McKinsey & Company to be among the most reputable management consulting firms in the field, renowned by many for a number of years while continually scoring high in our own SwitchIdea rankings. This year, they take the #1 spot, although it should be noted that the Boston Consulting Group, Inc. remains strong in second place, not budging from their #2 ranking of 2017. Bain & Company, last year's #1 consulting firm, manage to fall to the #3 spot this year, suggesting that they may need to step up their game a little! Nevertheless, the top 3 spots for 2018 are occupied by the same companies as 2017, just in a different order. This undoubtedly shows consistency for the 3 aforementioned consultancy firms and their internship programs.

The Brattle Group rises to #4

One of the most impressive climbs for 2018 comes from the Brattle Group, who rose from their 2017 #10 spot up to a very respectable #4 spot. The financial consulting firm has evidently been taking steps to improve its internship programmes, causing more positive reviews and feedback from interns. Other impressive climbers include EY-Parthenon, who rose from #21 to #9, and Jabian Consulting, who went from #43 to #25 in the space of a year!

PricewaterhouseCoopers falls 6 places

Despite being one of the most notable consultancy firms in the world, with nearly a quarter of a million employees, PwC saw an unfortunate drop in our internship ranks this year, going from #5 in 2017 to #11 in 2018. The London-based organization needs to up its game if it is to come back from this unfortunate fall. The Cambridge Group also saw an even bigger drop this year, falling 7 places from #16 in 2017 to #23 in 2018.

Check out the full rankings

If you'd like to browse the top 30 consultancy firms and dig into the details of each one, why not check out our full list? We provide you with reviews, overviews, internship program details and deeper insights of all 30 entries.

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