Is Pursuing An Undergraduate Degree Really Worth It

Debating The Affordability Of An Undergraduate Degree

The demands of today's workforce call for specific skill sets that the traditional system may not be able to provide. Hence, the debate as to why one should pursue an undergraduate degree. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have shown that you can succeed outside the university. However, fields like medicine, finance, and law need students with an undergraduate degree.

Deciding to undertake an undergraduate degree is a serious one, as the choice will set the foundation for a person's career and life. It is imperative that the student who is about to make this decision be made aware of what is at stake in relations to what they intend to study. A student can have a great career in software development, music and journalism without a university degree. This article will be highlighting some of the reasons to not undertake an undergraduate degree based on the value it offers in contrast to its cost.

One of the primary reasons a lot of people are reconsidering an undergraduate degree is the cost. The average student is likely to pay £9000 per annum to gain an undergraduate education. Should a student decide to have an undergraduate degree, they could end up with student loans of £40000 at the end of their program. Having to pay such a massive debt will take years, and in some cases, the student will have to work two jobs just to keep up. This can be a very unfulfilling experience for the individual and could result in a life of hardship and depression.

It is easy for a student to access a wealth of information today at no cost at all. Therefore, there is a notion that everything required to be productive can be learned personally. Peter Thiel who is famous for his role in both PayPal and Facebook has lent his voice against undergraduate studies. He and some like-minded individuals have opened funds like the Thiel Foundation that encourages people to drop out of college to become entrepreneurs. Most college students will find such offers too tempting to refuse considering the success of other dropouts who pursued entrepreneurship.

It is a daunting task to ask a teenager to make a choice that would impact the rest of their lives and career. At such age, most kids have no clue of what to expect from a college community. There is barely help from peers and teachers to help the students discover themselves. Most figure out what they want when it might be a little too late.

In conclusion, a person can take control of their learning phase on their way to a successful career. Deciding to have an undergraduate degree should be a choice a student makes with caution. So, before the decision is made the student should be armed with all the information they need. It is, after all, a life-altering decision.

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