How To Verify Whether Someone is NTAT Certified or Not?

Every company wants to hire top-quality talent, someone who is able to revolutionize the business sector through their company. And in a country like India that boasts of an impressive youth population, finding top talent sound easy. Right?

Wrong! As thousands of universities are churning millions of graduates every year, segregating top talent is becoming increasingly difficult. After all, you need people who are not only talented but someone who is well suited to the workings of your company. Thankfully, NTAT came as a solution and provided employers as a medium to quantify the employability skills of a candidate.

When a candidate is NTAT certified, the employer can rest assured about the candidate's skill-set, identity, college associations, degrees as well as domain skills. NTAT certification is an assurance for employers to get access only to the qualified and verified interns.

So, an employer can keep NTAT certification as a mandatory criterion for internship application to classify the best talent without much ado. However, the bigger question here is how to verify that the candidate claiming to be NTAT certified is telling the truth or not?

How to Verify if a Candidate is NTAT Certified or Not?

There are three ways to verify this.

Ask the Candidate to Produce Copy of NTAT Certificate

Every candidate appearing for NTAT has issued an NTAT certificate. The certificate includes all the details about the candidate's performance in the test including his score and details about domain-specific skill-sets.

An NTAT certified candidate will easily produce the certificate while those who are unable to present the certificate are lying.

Check Candidate's LinkedIn Profile

Verifying the NTAT certification through Linkedin

An NTAT certified student can boost their online professional profile and showcase their accomplishments by adding their NTAT score to LinkedIn profile.

So an employer can screen through a candidate's LinkedIn profile to see if they have NTAT certification added to their profile. Remember, only those students who have given their NTAT are authorized to add their NTAT-certification to LinkedIn and are verified candidates.

Through NTAT Website

Verifying NTAT certification through NTAT website

Every NTAT candidate is given a unique 'Batch ID/Certification no'. To ensure if a candidate is NTAT certified, you can ask them their batch ID.

You can then visit NTAT's official website and check the candidate's result and score in percentile by entering the batch ID in the ‘Certification Widget'.

If the batch ID is incorrect, you won't get any result.

Additionally, the score is auto-integrated in the student's profiles on SwitchIdea, which are accessible to the employers.

Dedicated Support Team at Switch Idea

At Switch Idea, our dedicated support team is always available to answer all your queries regarding an internship applicant. Just tell us the ‘batch ID', and our HR executive will tell you if a student is NTAT certified or not.

We want both interns and the employers to get the best out of the NTAT certification, and the dedicated support is just a step towards achieving that goal.

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