This Is What Happens When You Are Caught Lying On Your Resume

Why You Shouldn't Lie on Your Resume (and what happens to those who do)

We get it. Your dream job is on the line, and there's simply no other way but to get hired. You need to make a lasting impression on your potential employer and stand out from your competition - but how?

Perhaps a little tweak on your resume wouldn't hurt? After all, you are skilled, talented and you have a right amount of experience under your belt. You just happened to lack one or two small requirements. Surely, they wouldn't mind if you make a few quick changes?

If you're thinking of adding a few fictitious details just to make your resume look good, stop and give it a second thought. Here are some of the reasons why:

They Will Eventually Find Out

Some people believe that it's easy to get away with the things they wrote on their resume. You may think that no one reads them word for word, but believe it or not, employers remember details about you - especially ones that they find fishy or unconvincing. And more often than not, the things we lie about are details that are very distinct.

Employers may not confront you about it, but there may be events in the future when the truth gets unraveled on their own. And nothing is as embarrassing and shameful as having your employer find out the truth on their own.

You Lose Your Credibility

Honesty is a virtue that is highly valued in any workplace. It's not just about being skilled or talented, your personality still matters, and it speaks volumes about your upbringing. A degree isn't the only way employers can measure one's education.

Some people may say that their personality and character traits have nothing to do with their job. As long as their work performance is acceptable, there shouldn't be a problem. However, one must remember that the success of the company relies on the teamwork of its community. The way you interact with other people in the office can significantly affect the way business is done.

By lying on your internship resume, you lose your credibility even before you've stepped into the professional world. Remember that one simple lie can make you seem unreliable and dishonest among your peers. And this is something undesirable no matter where you apply for a job.

You'll End Up Worrying All The Time

No lie can go unnoticed forever. Whether you're hiding something minimal or something big enough to potentially alter your future, someone is bound to find out your dirty little secret. The hard part is not knowing when or how someone will find out.

Instead of focusing on your job, you'll end up constantly worrying about the things you've written on your resume. And that's something you should have already moved on from by that time.

You Have To Create More Lies

As they say, once you lie about something, you have to keep on lying to cover up for the other lies. Aside from having to worry about others finding out, you need to continue with your story. More often than not, we forget about the lies we've told before. And if someone to ever notice how the stories don't add up to each other, we begin to appear untrustworthy to our peers.

You Will Lose Your Job

Most companies do not tolerate dishonesty from their employees. There is a high chance that you will lose your job even if it's just an innocent lie on your resume. Lying about something is always seen as an unprofessional trait in any industry.

But the worst part of it all is that it doesn't end with just getting fired. Your reputation is also ruined, and it may be difficult to find another job at a different company.

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