Can A Job At Facebook Ruin Your Reputation As A Professional?

A new employee at Facebook Engineering

Ever since its successful boom across the globe, Facebook has been the dream company to work for - especially for many young professionals. But if you've been paying attention to the news lately, you might have heard about Facebook's faltering reputation.

Popular media has always been publicizing Facebook's faulty security policies. Recent news tells that one of its popular apps got removed from Apple's App Store. In the past, people used to be negligent about sharing their public information on the web. But because we've witnessed the power of social media and the potential dangers it is capable of, we've become a lot more stern about what we post within the recent years. Unfortunately, simply locking our accounts and making them private isn't enough anymore.

But despite having issues in the past, Facebook's reputation has never been as damaged as it is today. It has gone as far as young professionals looking for other employment options other than Facebook. Of course, Facebook still remains as one of the world's growing tech giants. But the significant drop in interest among graduates looking for employment in the company is quite alarming. Here's what you need to know:

Beyond Privacy Settings

You might have seen the Cambridge Analytica allegations pop up in the news recently. According to Facebook, they have allowed an academic, Aleksander Kogan, to harvest data for his personality testing app. The negotiation between Facebook and third-party apps is so loose that it does not clearly encompass issues in handling the users' personal information.

Because of this, Kogan was not only able to gain potential customer information, but he was also able to access the contact lists of each customer without their consent. This leak of information has placed Facebook in big trouble recently, but they have yet claimed responsibility for the incident. Their response was not received openly by the public since many of them believe that Facebook should have handled its privacy policy a lot better.

Fake News

Not only is Facebook suffering from the data leak issue, there is also a lot of controversy with the level of responsibility Facebook is showing. Instead of exhibiting full participation in dealing with the problem, Facebook has yet to admit its role within the whole issue. Whether its a lack of response from their side or the refusal to take responsibility, it is clear that there isn't much protection provided for Facebook users.

Even though they did not expect their system to be involved in such problems, perhaps a show of concern could have uplifted their reputation. What the public needs Facebook to do is to take action and be involved in these said issues.

Employment In Facebook

A job opportunity at Facebook has been a popular employment choice for many graduates and young professionals. But sadly, the recent incidents have inevitably affected the impression of many aspiring employees. After all, the company name will always be attached to your resume and may harm your reputation as well. Nobody wants to work for a company that does not uphold good values.

If you are one of the many applicants looking to be employed in Facebook, perhaps this incident is a good chance for you to reflect on what kind of company you would like to work for. Having a job isn't just about having a source of income. It decides your role within your community and is a reflection of who you are as a person.

But of course, Facebook is still undeniably one of the most influential companies in the world today; it is hard to imagine a world without it. There is still plenty of room for innovation and development. So if you are willing to take a risk or to become a part of Facebook's improvement as an employee, go ahead and pursue that goal.

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