XLRI Student Bags Highest Internship Stipend Of Rs 5 Lac

XLRI Accomplishes Summer Internship In 2 Days Highest Stipend Reaches Rs 5 Lakh

The Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur announced some very good news last Wednesday regarding their 2017 summer internship placement program. Just after two days of completion, XLRi declared 100 percent placement for the batch 2017-19.

The 364 students who have participated in the summer internship placement program have indeed raised the bar this time with a 20 percent increase in the median and average stipend. According to XLRI, the highest stipend offer amounts to a whopping amount of Rs 5 Lakh. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Coca-cola, and Microsoft are some of the notable companies who are said to have offered the highest stipends.

A long list of over 90 companies has also participated in the 2017 summer internship placement procedure. Some of the best spotters are BCG, PwC, Coca-Cola and HCCB, Mondelez, HUL, ITC, P&G, TAS, RB, RPG, Microsoft, Uber and GSK CH.

FMCG is at the top of the list of best recruiters with 27 percent of the share, followed by innovation firms such as Uber with 20 percent in the business administration sector. Other sectors have been broken down as follows: banking and financial services take third place with 13 percent. Conglomerate sectors take 16 percent, while consultancy sectors take up 11 percent. Combinations garnered 16 percent as well while 13 percent have been split between media, pharma, auto, and telecom.

XLRI also mentioned that there was a significant rise in operations roles. Companies like Reckitt Benckiser and Colgate-Palmolive have finally opened operations positions for students. "The sales and marketing roles topped the charts with 25 percent share in the recruitments, followed by finance with 20 percent", says XLRI

The management school also notes that the financial sector has been exceptionally good this year. Plenty of available roles have opened up for students as well as regular recruitment from various companies.

XLRI also says, “Many offers were made by Kotak Wealth Management, Mondelez Corp Fin, Goldman Sachs, Mondelez, JPMC Markets.” According to the 2017 records, 17 percent of recruitment opportunities were from operations sectors. Another 17 percent from general management and 11 percent from consulting roles. XLRI is definitely pleased to see the diversity of roles and companies participating in the internship placement program.

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