Why is it Important to Only Hire NTAT Certified Interns?

Why is it Important to Only Hire NTAT Certified Interns?

Thanks to the movies, the word interns conjure up an image of an energetic fella running around the office grabbing coffees and printing photocopies. However, in reality, the picture can vastly differ. You can easily find one of the interns brainstorming at their workstations giving your business a fresh perspective. Interns can provide key support to your business that temporarily needs a helping hand.

Not only that, you may even decide to hire your intern full-time. As per a 2012 NACE survey, 58% of companies hire their interns as full-time employees. That means employers are not just hiring a random intern but are taking time to recruit and train young talent for a long-lasting relationship. However, if you have hired a wrong intern, you are going to suffer both in terms of resources as well as productivity.

Therefore, it becomes very important to hire an intern who is skilled, qualified and is passionate about the internship.

It is important to hire an NTAT certified intern!

Here are few of the many benefits you get by hiring an NTAT certified intern:

No or Minimal Training Needed

An NTAT certified intern is already qualified, skilled and has the required domain expertise. Quite naturally, the resources needed for the training and orientation of an NTAT certified intern would be way less as compared to a non-certified intern.

NTAT's proprietary in-built skill-analyser and the intern-matching engine can scan through thousands of profile on Switchidea's website to help you find the best candidate that possess most of the skill-sets you are looking for. Thus, reducing the need for training.

80% of NTAT Students are Given PPO

As mentioned above, on an average 58% of interns are hired as full-time employees. However, the number in case of an NTAT certified candidate is way higher. As many as 80% of NTAT interns are offered a Pre Placement Offer (PPO). Clearly, the interns in the latter case have proven abilities as a better hire.

Almost Zero Cases of Absconding

The quitting of interns is a cause of concern for companies who spend time and resources in hiring and then training the interns. It not only causes monetary losses but brings the work designated to the intern to a stand-still causing chaos in the company and among other interns.

However, in the case of an NTAT certified intern, you can plan a long-term work strategy knowing that there won't be any cases of absconding or misconduct. As an employer, you have the option to ‘Report Intern' at the SwitchIdea portal. SwitchIdea is connected to the intern's college's Training and Placement cell. Any sort of misconduct or unprofessionalism, when reported to the placement cell, might blacklist the student from any future hiring.

Adding to this the fact that the intern is passionate about the position and won't let go of the thing he has worked so hard to achieve.

Increased ROI and Improved Operations

It is a proven fact (by many employers) that NTAT certified interns are more productive and confident in their jobs than their counterparts. They have a better understanding of technology and know-how to create more effective and secure solutions. They are usually project-ready, and with a little brief, they can be used for real work thus helping the company improve day-to-day operations.

Also, an NTAT certified intern is viewed as an essential resource of skill among other members thus enhancing the team's value and overall cohesiveness.

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