Good News: Working Crazy Number Of Hours Is Not So Bad For Your Health

When Working A Crazy Number Of Hours Is Not So Bad For Your Health

That should come as a sense of relief for the many who put in a double shift almost on a daily basis, even though we may be told otherwise. Yes, there have been studies showing that workaholics suffer from stress-related physical ailments, it seems to only apply to those who feel trapped in their job or unhappy in the workplace.

The lesson for employers is clear: help workers to engage in their daily tasks and get them to feel stimulated about what they do during the long old day at work.

Workaholics do exist. When forced to ask themselves why they work so hard and for so long, they are forced to admit, "It's for the love of the job in hand, so I just merrily get on with it."

This is all well and good if you are an 80-hours per week kind of employee. However, it's not so good if you are struggling to get through the first eight hours, let alone 12 hours a day or more.

It is time for a change of employment if you fit into the category of those working extremely long hours and yielding zero job satisfaction. Now that knowing your health is going to compromise if you persist in this role should be incentive enough to force you to change.

Even those people who love their job can often find themselves suffering from burnout. So, what are the warning signs and which things cause us massive job dissatisfaction?

  • Unrealistic deadlines

  • Frequent conflicts or interruptions

  • Added responsibility (that you are not getting paid for)

Doctors have identified these stress-related work scenarios as the reason we can sometimes go on to have outbursts directed at fellow workers, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, losing the spark and passion we once had for certain things and generally feeling emotionally drained and unwell.

Identifying job burnout is vital to employers and employees alike. To alleviate stress in the workplace, employees can consider ergonomic chairs, regular exercise breaks, breathing exercises, having a trusted mentor and finding some humor at work.

Kindness and respect in the workplace is encouraged. It is something they adopt at Basecamp, a web-based project management developer in Chicago. Working long hours is not so bad providing you can find some way of recognizing the key areas that are creating job-related stress.

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