National Interns Day Nominee Anuridh Amin Shares His Internship Insights at Afterglow Tech

In light of the upcoming National Intern's Day celebration, we are introducing some of India's best intern nominees for this year's awards. What better way to prepare for such a special day than share some of India's upcoming top professionals? Among plenty of inspiring nominations, we've discovered one which belonged to Anirudh Amin.

Anuridh Amin is currently a Computer Science student with a spark in technology and a passion for everything related to it. He believes that there is nothing greater than finding opportunities to grow and we couldn't agree more. This is probably the reason why Anuridh has already had three internship experiences; the latest one being with Afterglow Tech. Prior to his internship with the said company, he has also been in a program with Gujarat (SLS Corp, Anand) and Sikkim.

During his program with Afterglow Tech, his day-to-day tasks mainly involved in developing the company's brand, making sure that they are in line with the company's market strategies. He shares that a typical day in the office would usually start off with an icebreaker session - something he had always feared. Anuridh says that expectations are quite high for a new guy, and it's difficult to live up to them, but that certainly did not stop him from pursuing his goals.

Because of Anuridh's proficient event management and marketing skills, it is no surprise that he would thrive in his assigned department. Coupled with his great communication skills at various organizational levels and his ability to facilitate well, he was also given the responsibility to handle the company's digital media accounts, from the website to social media handles. Anuridh also had the privilege to speak with customers through various business meetings.

When asked about his mentor during his internship experience, Anuridh explains that his struggles and the competition shaped him into the professional he is today. According to him, the challenges he experiences serves as both a mentor and a motivation. He also adds that his best experience he had during the internship program was learning how to wield his patience and to become more persistent. Although the world cannot be changed in one day, he believes that one act a day can push you to become closer to your goal.

So what is the secret behind Anuridh's successful internship experience? He shares that interns must be confident, ready to explore, continue learning, read books, and enjoy the ride. But for now, Anuridh plans to explore the world of training to learn more about the corporate world. In the past, he had planned on pursuing an MBA, but at the moment, he believes that experiences are better than classroom lectures.

Anuridh is one of India's many promising talents. He comments that National Intern's Day is a great way to give recognition to many interns like him. A lot of interns get undermined by others with more seniority, and so this event would hopefully shed some light on the hard work of interns. After all, appreciation is the greatest motivator of all. Why not celebrate National Intern's Day and say a simple ‘thank you' to an intern who truly deserves it?

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