Who is a NTAT Certified Intern and Why Hire One?

Who is an NTAT Certified Intern and Why Hire One?

The dream of every organisation is to hire interns who are technically sound and require very little if any, training. However, this dream is in stark contrast to reality. How can companies find their dream interns who are passionate about pursuing an internship if all they have is a one-page resume as a judging parameter?

Well, by hiring an NTAT Certified Intern!

NTAT Certified Intern

Who is an NTAT Certified Intern?

NTAT certified interns are students who have gone through on-site screening of skill evaluation through Switch Idea.

NTAT Score quantifies the employability skills of a candidate on various aspects including their domain skills, communication skills, aptitude and general awareness through a well-designed program.

In short, NTAT certified interns are passionate internship applicants whose skills are validated and evaluated thereby ensuring employers get access only to the qualified and verified interns.

Why Should You Hire an NTAT Certified Intern?

NTAT Certified interns go through Strict Background Verification

An NTAT certified candidate goes through a manual background verification. From the candidate's identity to his college associations, degrees, and everything in between is manually verified by Switch Idea Placement team. Not only that, but Switch Idea also maintains a comprehensive document bank of the intern's personal and professional documents, which is accessible to the employers. It saves a lot of time and effort needed for background verification and ensures that you have access only to the right candidates.

NTAT Interns are Domain Specific

Instead of settling down for an internship in any available domain, these students are very clear about their interest area and work to polish their skills in it. In addition to evaluation in logical reasoning, aptitude, and other sections, an NTAT verified intern also goes through evaluation in a technical domain of his choice. Thus, if you are hiring a Java intern, be assured of his skills in Java and so on.

NTAT Interns' Skills are validated

As an employer, you can be assured that an NTAT certified intern possesses all the skills mentioned in his resume/profile. There is no need to screen the candidates for skills saving you one more step in your journey to find qualified interns.

NTAT Interns are Academically Sound

NTAT does not allow students who have any year gap during their academic career thus ensuring that every NTAT certified intern is serious about his academic performance and is academically strong.

NTAT Certified Interns' Profile Are Accessible in LinkedIn

When hiring an intern through internship portals, an employer usually gets access to only to students resume. They then shortlist a few ‘suitable' candidates based on the information provided on those resumes. However, many times, a resume is not enough to give you a clear view of a student's employability skills.

NTAT Certified Candidate on Linkedin

When you hire an NTAT verified intern, you can get access to the candidate's LinkedIn profile where you can understand more about a prospective intern. You can peek into his social media activities, communication skills and get a better idea about his interest and skill sets thereby ensuring you get the right hire.

And Finally,

An NTAT Certified Intern is Passionate about Pursuing a Meaningful Internship

A student who has gone the extra mile to quantify his skills, gain hands-on work experience, and get access to verified internships through NTAT is clearly someone who is passionate about his internship. He is not someone who is just looking for a resume boost but someone who is willing to work and learn. An intern who can be a prospective ‘employee' of your organization.

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