National Interns Day Nominee Antony Sankoorikal Shares His Internship Experience at Bosch Ltd

As National Interns Day draws to a close, plenty of nominees made a lasting impression on us, and so we hope to inspire our readers through a simple Q&A session. One promising profile we've come across with belongs to Antony Sankoorikal.

Antony Sankoorikal accomplished his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology. His passion for problem-solving and love for technology continues to fuel his motivation to keep learning. And it is no surprise that his internship experience easily reflects his hard work and perseverance.

As his first internship experience, Antony was actually a graduate apprentice at Bosch Ltd. The program was one year long, and throughout the whole year, Antony was able to rotate through three different departments: logistics, sample manufacturing, and finally, sales. The program lasted for about four months in each department.

While in logistics, Antony participated in handling plant-to-plant material procurement. His tasks involved a lot of following-up and coordinating of material dispatch. He was also involved in the implementation of consumption-based inventory control methods with suppliers.

Following his time at the logistics department, Antony then moved on to sales manufacturing where he was more involved in handling order fulfillment of both internal and external customers. Being the problem-solver that he is, it is no surprise that Antony would also be involved in analyzing SAP processes, making suggestions for better alternatives. He also participated in innovating various campaigns and ideas - he even had one of them filed to an invention report!

Towards the final bit of his internship experience, Antony was in sales. He was given the task of finding new business possibilities by reaching out to potential customers and adding them to the existing customer base. A lot of customer analysis was involved, but Antony still managed to create a new sales strategy for the following year.

So what does it take to have a successful internship experience like Antony? According to him, it is important to learn, to stay curious and to be continuously updated with your chosen industry. Being open-minded is also essential when learning new things. He also believes that being connected with people within the industry is a huge plus when choosing an internship program.

When asked about his mentors during his internship, Antony says that his teammates were his mentors. Despite having a learning curve ahead of him, his teammates were there to support him and guide him as well. It is very clear that he treasures the connections he has made throughout this experience. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Antony's best internship experience is taking part in a self-guided peer-supported program. According to him, the experience allowed him to develop a networking and collaborative mindset. There is power in leveraging your network to be more agile and inventive.

For now, Antony plans to continue working. Armed with his knowledge and experience in various departments, he now has a deeper understanding of the automotive industry. Antony is part of the many talented interns participating in various companies today. When asked about his thoughts on National Interns Day in India, Antony notes that it is a great opportunity to show appreciation to all the hardworking interns who often get sidelined.

Celebrate National Interns Day with us by showing gratitude to interns like Antony Sankoorikal. Throw a party, nominate someone you know or simply cast a vote - all it takes is a simple act of appreciation.

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