Here's How To Showcase Your Leadership Skills In A Meeting

How To Showcase Your Leadership Skills In A Meeting

Meetings are often conducted in the corporate sector to discuss a particular subject related to organizational development. It is the time when you get to interact with a group of people and share your ideas on the topic. These business meetings are considered imperative because it enables your team members to portray their communication skill and knowledge. Different kinds of thoughts are put on the table and analyzed to find better inputs for the agenda.

There are multiple modes on how meetings happen in today's world. Some are in-person meetings, while others are through conference calls, video calls and casual gathering at the cafe during the break. No matter what type of meeting you are attending, the ultimate goal of the meeting will be solving the business problem quickly and cost-effectively. The person who organizes these meetings would be the leader or manager of your team. His job will be to get inputs from you and review if your given ideas can solve the business problem.

However, before presenting your opinion on a particular topic, you should be prepared for the meeting. The meeting is the platform where you get to showcase your skills, knowledge and leadership qualities. People with good communication skills know how to explain their thoughts effectively with precise details and fact-based conclusion. You must assure that your opinion doesn't appear vague to the listeners. Poor communication can impact negatively on your identity in the meeting, and your manager might not show interest in your suggestion.

Here are some of the tips which will help you to stand out in the meeting and impress your seniors.

Understand the Business

Once you join the company, the first step will be understanding the business. Some people might disagree with the thought, but in today's business culture, it is very important to make yourself aware of what is happening around you. Get as much as information you can during the first few weeks of learning.

The business knowledge will enable you to think as the leader and make a judgment based on the industry facts. You will notice your word choice during the meeting sounding like an expert's suggestion. Your stronghold on the business terminology will also help your seniors to comprehend your idea clearly.


Each meeting will have a certain agenda to discuss. Always get all the details from the seniors before the meeting and know what your seniors are going to discuss during the meeting. Gather all the information before the meeting and note down the important points which you find throughout your analysis. The preparation will allow you to apprehend the agenda quickly before the meeting and communicate effectively.

In addition, you can prepare your presentation for explaining your inputs to the senior and discuss how your idea can solve the certain problem that your company is dealing with. Preparation is a must when you are attending a business meeting.

Show Up

You should never miss any meeting. Make sure you have all the entries of your meetings in the calendar. Use a mobile app which will give you alert before the meeting. Create a duel alert system that prompts you every time there is an important meeting ahead. Showing up at the meeting allows others to know you better.

If you wish to rise in your career, you have to be seen. Others need to know who you are and what inputs you bring to the table. Showing up at meetings make you become better known among your colleagues and others in your organization. Arriving early in the meeting may also give you the opportunity to have an informative chit-chat with others. You can use this extra time to set your tone in the meeting and make people comfortable to have a discussion with you with a warm smile and a positive attitude.

Speak Up

The whole purpose of having a meeting is idea sharing and problem-solving. When you are attending any meeting in your organization, you should be ready to speak clearly and effectively. You have to learn the skill of building a healthy discussion during the meeting to express your thoughts. Speaking up makes the listener aware that you have something to say which might solve the problem. People who do not speak at the meeting generally get ignored in the company as they don't seem interesting or productive.

Attending the meeting is just a half the battle; the other half is being heard. When you are preparing yourself for the meeting, read the agenda carefully and make your insightful suggestion for the meeting. Your focus should be providing the valuable suggestions that will make the progress in the agenda and solve the problem. Having a voice during the meeting can make a big difference in uplifting your career. People love to see the leader who has clear communication skill and problem-solving attitude. Not only your senior will get impressed, but the way you express yourself will also help you to grow your position in the company.

Remember, people who do not possess leadership skills can always develop it over the period of time by upgrading their knowledge.

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