Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an NTAT Certified Intern

Bringing an intern on board is a great way to expand your team and add a fresh perspective to the company's working. It gives you a chance to mentor someone who is raw in terms of corporate experience. However, hiring and managing an intern is easier said than done.

If done right, an intern can prove to be a valuable asset to your company; someone who you may end up hiring as a full-time employee. But if not, it can become more of a liability rather than someone who helps make the task easier. The secret to distinguish?

Check whether your potential intern is NTAT Certified or not?

If not, then here are five reasons why you should hire an NTAT certified intern.

Interns with Proven Skill Sets

NTAT Certified Intern

When evaluating an internship application, the first thing most employers consider is a prior experience. I would argue that there is a better place to start – candidate's skill sets.

And NTAT certification is the easiest way to ensure that a candidate has necessary skill-set you are looking for. Switch Idea scans your internship posting details and recommends only those interns who match your requirements. NTAT's proprietory in-built skill-analyzer and the intern-matching engine can deep dive and find the right candidates for you in minutes. Instead of going through hundreds of intern profiles to ultimately shortlist few, your recruitment manager will have a list of pre-screened candidates, most of which possess the skill sets you are looking for. That means you can get the right fit without much effort or hassle. ‘Report Intern' Feature through NTAT Ensures Interns Maintain Job Integrity

Employers can report interns in case of any misconduct during the internship tenure

"The start-up was gearing up with the launching of its product and hired 6 interns to streamline things before the big day. They trained them and were happy with the development. However, their happiness was short-lived when they found 4 out of 6 interns quit just a week before the launch date. Leaving them with almost no time to find a replacement."

Sound familiar? The quitting of interns mid-session is a significant loss for companies who spend time, resources and effort in training them and getting them work-ready. And since most companies, especially startups hire using third-party internship portals, there is nothing much they can do about it.

However, when you hire NTAT certified interns, you always have the option to ‘Report Intern'. Switchidea is connected to the college's ‘Training and Placement' cell (who in turn and connected to their parents) and any sort of misconduct can get the intern ‘Blacklisted' from future hiring.

With this assurance, you can be sure about getting ROI for all the amount you spend on getting the intern trained.

‘Comprehensive Document-Bank' of Intern's Personal/Professional Documents Maintained By NTAT

From an interns Aadhar card to his other government IDs, a letter from the training and placement cell to project report of the candidate, as well as the mark sheets, and the resume, all the documents of an NTAT certified intern is submitted and managed by SwitchIdea. As an employer, you have access to the complete document list of the candidate you chose to hire as an intern. That makes your job way easier and smoother. No unnecessary to and fro of emails. A click and you have the comprehensive document bank at your dispersal.

Hire Interns with a Proven Ability to Handle the Assigned Work

So why do you need an intern? You want someone whom you can assign a pile of work and not be concerned about getting back something full of errors. Of course, there will always be a learning curve, and you will train and help your intern learn the ropes of your industry. However, you don't want to be repeating directions and teaching him something basic like running spellcheck.

Your best candidate is someone who is smart and eager to learn. An NTAT verified intern has a proven ability to have the required skill set to handle an assigned work. You don't have to worry about investing money and time for training an intern only to be put down by his performance. An NTAT verified intern is most likely to HAVE all the skill sets that he/she CLAIMS in the resume. You can trust them with real assignments knowing that there will be no last minute surprises.

NTAT Verified Candidates are Serious Applicants Willing to Work and Learn

NTAT certification proves your interns are serious about work ethics and organisational compliances

Every intern needs experience, but not all of them necessarily want to work for it. And you don't want to settle down for an intern who is just looking for a resume boost.

Thankfully, NTAT certified candidates show an intern's attribute of willing to work and learn. Instead of relying on a 'relative' or external recommendations to refer them to their dream company, these interns decided to work on their skills and achieve something. Clearly, a sign of a determined individual, a go-getter, and a self-learner. And a must hire.

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