Are You Graduating Without Getting Placed? Don't Panic

Graduating Without Getting Placed? Don't Panic

Graduation Day is coming to a close and you're still not hired. While all your friends have their future plans in place, you are still struggling to get a call from a potential employer. What will your family and relatives say when they found out that you haven't gotten a job yet?

You begin to panic as thoughts of being permanently unemployed take over your mind. And then you start feeling pity for yourself and shameful for not being as successful as your fellow graduates who got placed at good MNCs. Instead of enjoying the last day of schooling, you fear for your future instead.

The good news is that there's no actual reason why you should panic if you're graduating without a job. Graduating with jobs is a thing of the past, and it's not mandatory. Here are some of the reasons why so that you can finally put your mind at ease:

Unemployment Records Are Decreasing

Records show that unemployment has actually not increased compared to the previous decade. Students of this generation are so lucky to be graduating during this time. With plenty of companies participating in college placement programs, there is a higher chance for students to be hired even before graduating.

India Unemployment Rate (2008-2017)

In the occasion where a student has not yet been placed before graduation, there are plenty of career fairs to attend. There are more options today than there were before; there is bound to be a job for every graduate.

Networking Is Easier Than Before

Thanks to the internet, networking has never been so easy. We all know that connections and recommendations can help us land our dream jobs. Oftentimes, they are even more reliable than a resume. According to some reports, applicants with recommendations have a higher chance of getting hired than those who don't.

With that in mind, it is a lot easier to connect with the right people. A quick search on their profile online or on a website such as Linkedin and you can quickly yield some results. Feel free to send an invite. Introduce yourself privately and put your networking skills to the test. Work Smart, Work Fast.

Importance of Hiring NTAT Certified Interns

Getting Placed Does Not Equal Success

Actively participating in college placements, gaining internship experiences and submitting job applications takes a lot of effort. But it certainly does not mean that you can reap the results of your hard work easily. Just because your friends got a job faster than you, it doesn't mean that they are already set up for success.

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes it is a lot better to take things slowly. It is more important to make the right decisions rather than hastily deciding on your career. Planning your future is never an easy feat, and it requires careful planning if you want to succeed.

Taking Some Time Off Is Actually Good

Graduating without a job is perfectly fine. Some students may not be actively participating in college placement programs, and that's perfectly normal. Although Graduation Day may mark the beginning of your adult life, it doesn't have to mean that you need to figure everything out already. Take it as an opportunity to discover more about yourself and to truly find out what you want out of life. Graduating with a job isn't the only path there is. After taking a break, more doors will open to you, and then you can decide later on.

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