Answer These 9 Questions and Wall Street Will Hire You to Intern

Answer These 9 Questions and Wall Street Will Hire You to Intern

Finding a job at an investment bank is considered a top honor and a smart move a college graduate can make. Start your financial career with an intern program offered through a bank. The position helps develop the skills, experience, and references you need for a future Wall Street profession.

To be considered for a Wall Street position, a GPA of 3.96 is required. It is beneficial for students to possess prestigious club memberships, active leadership roles, and sports achievements.

A Wall Street Interview

Most students fail the Wall Street job interview because of inadequate preparation. We have summarized the top 9 questions so that you can answer with confidence.

Q. Describe an Individual You Admire and One You Hate?

Wall Street invests in ethical considerations to protect its financial reputation. The questions judge character apart from academic capabilities. Exercise precaution when answering. We suggest describing the actions of someone you did not agree with but never directly state that you hate a particular person.

Q. Explain Why You Would NOT Make a Good Candidate for a Wall Street Position

Do not list your weaknesses. Mention aspects you believe could be strengthened by working in such a professional environment.

Q. If you manage a 70% Average Score During Free Throws (basketball), what are the odds of throwing three in a row?

Just multiply 70 three times to reach 343000 or even easier, 7x7x7 to reach 343. Convert this into a percentage and your probability is 34.3%. Modified questions may require the use of set formulas.

Q. What Would a Large American Tire Company Need to Do to Meet its Average Production Requirements?

This question involves critical thinking. Consider the number of new cars, trucks, and motorcycles requiring a new set of tires. Just state, you would have to determine the lifespan of tires, and the number of replacements owed to damage to work out production requirements.

Q. What is the Number of Hairdressers and Barbers in Manhattan?

The interviewer requires the interviewee to think aloud. Similar to the tire question, it requires consideration for the number of people in the city who use a barber or a hairstylist, and the time it takes to complete an average haircut.

How to Answer 5 Most Common Internship Interview Questions

Q. Create a Sales Pitch for an Item within the Interview Room

Wall Street is all about sales, so your pitch needs to be innovative. Try to choose a table, chair or even a pot plant in the room to create your pitch.

Use this item to guide your questions you would ask a customer interested in the product. Learn what your customer likes and dislikes through your questioning to develop an impressive pitch. Avoid a strict list of benefits.

Q. In Your Largest Lecture Class, Where Would You Sit and Why?

Be transparent when answering. Your interviewer can determine whether you are honest or not. Avoid stating you prefer the back of the class because you are not interested in the lesson.

Q. List the Top 10 Headlines in the Wall Street Journal this Past Year

The Wall Street Journal is recognized for its economic and world news. If you are familiar with top international stories, cover these subjects including related world market information.

Q. If You Could Choose to Be a Tree, What Kind Would It Be and Why?

Wall Street is known to ask some quirky questions; compose yourself and answer truthfully.

Securing your Wall Street job requires overcoming a hurdle of tough questions. Learning how to think outside of the box can deliver an impressive result.

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