National Interns Day Nominee Ojasvy Tells Us About Her Lok Sabha Internship Experience

National Interns Day Interview with Ojasvy Chandhok

We are just one month away from National Interns Day, and we already have the best interns across the nation sharing their internship experiences with us. Today, we have Ojasvy Chandhok, a school student, who recently completed her internship at the office of Policy and Research Department of Former Member of Parliament, Mr. Baijayant Jay Panda.

Let's begin with a quick round of questionnaire so that we get to know what it's really like to intern under ministry's leadership.

Switch Idea Staff: Hello, please give a brief introduction of yourself?

Intern: My name is Ojasvy Chandhok, and I’m 16 years old. I’m a student at St. Thomas’ School, New Delhi. I’m curious about Politics, Law, History, Economics, and Public Policy.

Switch Idea Staff: Tell us more about your internship and your work there?

Intern: I did my internship at the office of Mr. Baijayant “Jay” Panda, who is a Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha). During my internship tenure, I worked with his policy and research team on a wide range of topics including marital rape, US-India evolution, immigration policy and other related subjects. I also analyzed laws and conducted a global comparison of sexual offenses and rape laws with a focus on marital rape-related laws.

On a daily basis, I was engaged in policy and political research, analyzing development issues and political trends at the state and constituency level. In addition to this, I also wrote briefs and research notes for important events and TV appearances. My work also included coordinating communication initiatives conducted by the office.

Throughout my internship period, I was directly reporting to my mentors Mr. Panda and the head of the policy and research team, despite the fact it was my first internship.

Switch Idea Staff: That's amazing! It is true that the way an organization treats its interns actually reflects their work culture to the outside world. And it's nice to learn that Mr. Panda is doing a great job working with interns, especially by nurturing them on a personal level, unlike corporate managerial structure. So Ojasvy, what would you suggest to your fellow students who are seeking internships while they are still at school?

Intern: I know it’s difficult for students to get internships especially when they are under 18 but my suggestion would be that if you are really passionate about something then applying for internships doesn’t hurt, even if you don’t fit under their given criteria. The worst thing that could happen is you not getting the internship; however, the best thing that can happen would be you getting it and working for something you believe in.

Switch Idea Staff: That's a great advice. Trying doesn't cost anything, and we must never be afraid to give it a try, at least when it comes to our dream career. Alright, so tell us more about the next steps in your career and how will this internship help you get there?

Intern: After completing my school, I would like to attend a law school and later on enter mainstream politics. During my internship journey, I learnt a lot every day and also worked on multiple political and social issues. Since every day was a learning experience, this internship has helped me understand the importance of having a balanced point of view, and it also provided me with a platform to research, understand and work on an extensive range of cutting-edge national issues.

Switch Idea Staff: Tell us more about your first day in the office

Intern: My first day of work was as interesting as all other days of my work because throughout my internship, Mr. Panda, his team and I had various discussions and worked on many economic, social, and political issues of regional, national, as well as international interests. These issues ranged from matters in India such as marital rape laws, 15th Finance Commission, Uniform Taxation, to international matters such as the US immigration policy, US-China trade war, Interstate Commerce Act, South China Sea etc.

Switch Idea Staff: What do you think about this initiative of celebrating National Intern's Day across India?

Intern: I think National Interns Day celebration is wonderful initiative because appreciation is something very important. Appreciation indicates that the work being done by people is being valued and that adds on to the satisfaction and productivity of the employee and they are motivated to continue the work they are doing with efficiency and enthusiasm.

Switch Idea Staff: Which according to you are the essential skills for interns to perform well at their workplace?

Intern: If you want to do well, I believe that you have to be really passionate about your work. You have to be hard-working and determined, clearly set your goals in order to reach them, and have a desire to learn and grow.

If you're inspired by Ojasvy's internship experience, remember you too can give it a try and apply to one. The Parliamentary Internship Programme is aimed to provide an opportunity to young talent in the country with outstanding academic credentials for acquainting themselves with the working of parliamentary democracy and to train them to contribute towards generation of research inputs for references/use of Honourable Members of Parliament.

PS: Nominate Ojasvy for this years National Interns Day Awards.

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