Why National Interns Day Is Actually A Good Idea For Companies

It is Steve Jobs who once said that "Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people". True enough, the success of a company hangs on the performance of every team member. Just because someone works behind the scenes doesn't mean that their efforts go unseen. No matter how small the role may be, anyone can still make an impact on the organization's growth.

Interns are often the most overlooked members of the company. But smarter companies know that they are a vital part of a company's human resources. They are also the potential stars that can lead the future of the business. It's high time that companies take notice of their efforts and give them the acknowledgment they truly deserve.

And what better way to honor the interns who dedicate their time and hard work to the company than to celebrate National Interns Day? It's only one day a year but it is an event that can leave an impression on someone's life for years to come.

What Is National Interns Day?

National Interns Day was first celebrated last September 1, 2017. And as the name suggests, it is a day dedicated to interns in commemoration for their hard work, commitment and continued support for the company. It is also a chance for businesses to acknowledge the members who have shown promising talent and outstanding performance during their internship.

Although it is not an official holiday, Switch Idea would like to encourage all companies to get involved and to participate in this celebration. Remember to mark your calendars on September 1, 2018, and let's celebrate National Interns Day together. But before that, let's take a look at some of the reasons why your company needs to celebrate a day for interns.

Why You Should Celebrate National Interns Day ?

There are plenty of reasons why companies should celebrate National Interns Day. It is more than just another holiday on the calendar. It is actually a productive way to strengthen employee relationships. It is also a great chance to reflect on the company's human resources as well. Below are some other reasons why you might want to celebrate National Interns Day this year.

Show Appreciation

It's not every day that we get to show our gratitude for the people who have our backs daily. Although we hate to admit it, everyone is just too busy to take note of the smaller things. Whether it's just organizing papers or promptly sending an email, most of us don't always have the chance to say "thank you."

National Interns Day is an excellent way for managers and company leaders to show their appreciation towards their interns. Their actions, no matter how small, have undoubtedly contributed to the maintenance of company operations. Take this opportunity to finally thank them for the many other days when you missed the chance to do so.

Nominate Your Star Interns For Best Intern Awards

With interns taking center stage on National Interns Day, it's also an excellent opportunity to think about the company's future hires. Perhaps celebrating this "holiday" with an awarding ceremony can also help you figure out which interns will make it on the list of permanent company employees. Did you know that there is such a thing as National Interns Day Award? Through this event, you can easily nominate interns who truly deserve recognition for their contribution.

Boost Company Culture

Everybody loves a company that's humble, thoughtful and caring of its employees. By celebrating National Interns Day, you are creating a positive image of your business within your community. Having a good reputation isn't always about the quality of products and services that you offer to clients - it is also about how you treat the people within the company.

People are more likely to support your business if they see how well you take care of the members of your team. National Interns Day is one such avenue where you can showcase your interns and the company's work culture to create a higher social impact.

Strengthen Employee Relationships

It's not enough that the company is seen in good light just by other people outside of the team. Your customers or clients don't always understand what goes on behind the scenes. But your company employees and interns are always interacting with each other on a daily basis.

Employee drama is a common thing in almost any office, but that doesn't have to be the case for your company. Instill positive company values with the people you work with by showing them how much you care. Become a role model and show them that each member of the company deserves to be acknowledged and respected.


Sure, celebrating National Interns Day may sound like a good idea. But what if the company doesn't have a budget for that sort of thing? Contrary to popular belief, celebrating National Interns Day doesn't have to be extravagant and costly. Even a simple awarding ceremony can already create an enormous impact.

No matter if your company has a budget or not, there are still many ways on how you can celebrate a day for your interns. Below are some National Interns Day celebration ideas you might want to try out this year.

Tips For Celebrating National Interns Day

National Interns Day Award

Make it official by letting other people know that you have an intern who is worthy of national recognition. The National Interns Day Award is presented to an intern who possesses outstanding skills, executes excellent performance and has the attitude of a respectable professional. The best part of it all is that it's free and very easy to nominate your present or ex-interns for the awards.

Simply nominate an intern from your company whom you think qualifies to become a candidate for the award. There are different categories under the National Interns Day Awards, and so there are plenty of opportunities to nominate more interns from your company.

Best Intern Award

As a leading internship platform for students, Switch Idea actively participates in National Interns Day every year by offering students a chance to intern at globally recognized companies. The Best Intern Award is presented to an intern who has promising talent and skills. For a chance to receive this award, students must participate and share their internship details with our panel before 29th August 2018.

Just like the National Interns Day Award, the Best Intern Award also has different categories. Candidates with the most nominations are awarded a chance to intern at companies such as Amazon, Qualcomm, P&G, Deutsche Bank, and many others. They can also receive other prizes such as McDonald's coupons worth 5000 INR and a recommendation letter from Switch Idea as well.

Free Mentorship Sessions

Give your interns the gift of knowledge by setting up a mentorship session with an esteemed individual in the industry or even someone with seniority in your company. It's hard to locate affordable opportunities where one can learn valuable skills and lessons for their career. Your interns have already shown promising talent, why not add fire to the fuel by giving them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be mentored by a professional?

When things go well, this chance can also be of great value to the company. After all, you might be able to hire a great talent to your existing roster of employees.

Resume Writing Workshop

Another way of gifting knowledge to your interns is by providing them with hands-on workshops which they can use for guidance in building a career. Although you can't guarantee full-time employment for each of them in your company, you can be assured that they will be able to find a workplace that will fit their needs through a resume writing workshop.

Writing a resume is a required skill for anyone who is looking for employment. But being able to write a good one is an entirely different story. In exchange for the intern's contribution to your organization, you can teach them skills which they can always carry with them no matter which company they go to.

Celebrate With Food and Drinks

No celebration is ever complete without food and drinks. Treat your interns with some pizza or even a cake to celebrate their own day. When things are too busy at the office, you can also give them a free cup of coffee. This small gesture doesn't just boost their productivity but also will make them feel more motivated to work for a company that truly cares for them.

Feature Them On Social Media

Awards aren't the only way you can give acknowledgment to someone. Thanks to the advancement of the internet, it is so easy to feature someone on your post when you want to. A simple tweet saying thank you to all your interns is a nice gesture of showing gratitude. Make sure to tag the profiles of your interns along with the hashtags #NationalInternsDay #2018

Want to celebrate even more?

Feature your interns in your company's newsletter or write about them on your official blog - whichever feels more appropriate for your business. Seeing their names and profiles on the company's website doesn't just make them feel proud, but also offers an excellent avenue for your business to showcase the diverse talent you have within your company and how grateful you are that they are a part of your workforce.

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