These Are 4 Best Ways To Promote Yourself Without Bragging

Here's How To Promote Yourself Without Bragging

Everyone has a dream of being successful. Success is a success when you see yourself rise step by step in the food chain. But we can all agree that getting to the top is not easy. If it is easy, then it is too good to be true, and it does not last for long either. This notion means that if you are to get to the top, you have to put in a little more effort than the usual, but careful enough not to break your neck. Breaking your neck means you are trying too hard. Perhaps trying too hard to impress people and your bosses especially in this case. You are in need of that promotion, but there are safe ways to get it. Ways that don't make you seem desperate and prideful.

Follow these tips closely, and you might get that promotion with your neck intact:

Write about you and your professional conquests

It does not matter whether you think you have not slain a lion in your line of work yet. You only have to have got close enough to the king of the jungle to tell a story of how you tried. That, my friend, is in progress. Progress towards conquering which employers and even friends or family want to read about in the article you will write about yourself. Talk about what you have achieved so far and the skills you have. Share it with random people and on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Get a tagline for yourself

A tagline is just a sentence that describes you and what you do in the simplest and most creative way possible. It is the answer to the question, "Tell us about you in one line." Endeavor to use this tagline whenever you meet new people. Find a strategic way to quote it to them. Be careful not to use it too many times though. That is breaking your neck. You can even put your tagline on your bio that you will update on social media.

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Practice how to pitch yourself

This is an excellent way of saying that you need to learn how to market yourself. Pitching yourself is both active and passive. Active means you pitch yourself intentionally like when you decide to tell someone about what you do. Passive is when you are consciously not trying to sell yourself, but it is seen through how you groom, walk and talk. Both ways, you need to ensure you know that you're always being watched and listened to. Not to say that you should act, but simply train yourself to be both presentable actively and passively. Practice what to say and what not to say and even how.

Promote other people and acquire the virtue of gratitude

It is a matter of doing for others what you would like to have them do for you. It is commonly said that people may forget what you said to or about them, but they will never forget how you made them feel. What a safe way to indirectly put in a good word for yourself. Because realize when you tell members of a panel or board meeting of how your colleagues pulled off a task and they get credit for it, someday they will also remember to mention how you helped them get to where they are. And when a colleague promotes you through their speech, be humble and don't forget to thank them. Start now by thanking people who have helped you get to where you are now.

See you at the top after you faithfully practice these.

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