5 Insider Tips and Job Search Advice for International Students

Job hunting tips for international students

Unlike fellow university residents or US citizens, international students find that getting a job while studying college can be confusing and frustrating. Although they are equally or better qualified than others, international students face obstacles to get a job, because employers hesitate to hire them because they do not understand the complexities concerning visas. They also believe that carrying out the hiring process is expensive and they fear that once contracted in work, they will leave the university or that they may not be fluent in English. But all that can be overcome if you prepare in advance the search for a job, you inform yourself about the requirements to work in the United States, and you have a lot of persistence.

Below, we share a list of tips for you to work in the United States, even if you have arrived with a student visa.

Prepare yourself

Each sector has different requirements for applications, and what you need to know is what they are for the field you are interested in. Do you need a resume, a letter of intent, a letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, a portfolio, etc.? It is also necessary to know how these materials are in your sector and what are the skills and experience you need to highlight. A Curriculum for legal profiles is different, both in form and content, from a Management curriculum, which is different from a Marketing one. You have no idea? Try to organize an informative interview with a Human Resources Consultant, in order to learn what is needed.

Statement of Purpose

Activate your network

Tell everyone what kind of work you are looking for. It is not a sin to seek employment, so you need everyone in your network to know about it. Even if your hairdresser is not a lawyer or management consultant, he or she may know one. Follow every clue they give you; you never know which person is the one who can get you the job you want.

Be patient and persistent

Reserve time each week to check for internship job offers, to do research on employers in your field, and to send a considerable number of applications. It is probably not realistic to try to send 20 applications adapted to each letter-perfect in a weekend, so be calm. It is better to send five customized applications than sending 20 generic ones. Remember, quality wins over quantity. Try the job search like a marathon and not like a sprint. When working on a regular basis in the job search, instead of stumbling, it is more advisable to maintain concentration and control the stress that inevitably accompanies the job search.

Do not underestimate your experience

Although this is your first job search, do not forget to include all the knowledge that may be relevant to the position, such as your experiences as a leader or volunteer. Describe the tasks and skills that you have applied in these instances, just as if it were an everyday job.

Prepare for interviews

Even before they offer you the opportunity to attend an employment interview, you should start preparing immediately, since they can call you at very short notice, even for the next day. For this reason, it is important that you already have appropriate clothing for such an encounter, as well as a pre-preparation of the necessary answers that will make you look well prepared, such as "What can you contribute to the company?" And "Why are you interested in this position?".

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