How To Actually Avoid 99% of Email Mistakes While Applying For Internship

Avoid 99% of Email Mistakes While Applying For Internship

When applying for an internship or a job, the way you approach the employers plays a very important role in deciding the fate of your application. Especially the communication. All other modes of communication except emails are generally informal, even when used for formal communication. When this becomes a habit, this informality starts creeping into emails as well which makes you look unprofessional, lazy and as someone who is not serious enough.

To ensure your application makes the right impression, listed here are mistakes you should stop making while writing and sending emails:

1. Missing the Subject Line

Screenshot of Email missing the Subject Line

When applying for an internship, the least you can do is put a subject line. A proper subject line such as ‘Internship application for the post of …..” doesn’t take too much time to write but brings in the attention of the reader. When sending emails without a subject line, it may get lost among a plethora of other emails.

2. Using Incorrect Spellings and Typos

With features like auto-correct and apps like Grammarly, there is simply no excuse to make spelling mistakes in this digital era. Always re-read the email to ensure there is no spelling mistakes or typos in the email.

3. Using ‘SMS’ Language in Emails

Screenshot of Email Using ‘SMS’ Language

By using ‘SMS’ language and words like plz, tks, sry,k, etc, you are giving out an impression of being too lazy. Writing complete words hardly needs any additional time or effort. Lack of professionalism in email can hamper your chances of getting an interview call

4. Copy-pasting the Default Template without Editing it

Improper Cover Letter

A default template is provided to make your work easier, not completely eliminate it. You will need to fill your details. Failing to do so showcase lack of attention and portray you as someone who doesn’t take his work seriously. So always edit the default template and customize it with your personal details before applying for internship.

5. Writing Entire Email in Subject Line

Screenshot of Writing Entire Email in Subject Line

There is a reason why the subject is called so. Writing the entire text of the email in the subject with empty body screams of carelessness and immaturity. Please put an appropriate subject line on the email. It makes it easier for someone to search for your email even after several days or months

6. Using Emojis in the Email

We are talking about an email, not a Whatsapp, Snapchat or Instagram posts. There is a right time and right place for using emojis, and an email is certainly not that place. If you are happy, simply write ‘I am delighted’.

7. Taking Ages to Reply to an Email

At times we postpone replying to an email thinking that we will do it later only to completely forget about it. If it is a professional email of relevance, it does merit a response. If you are too busy, send a polite ‘will revert soon’ or ‘working on it’ so that the other person know you have read the email.

Follow these tips and your application is sure to be noticed by the employers

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