Top 3 Things To Do before your Internship Interview

In order to nail the internship interview, it is important to adhere to the interview protocols. Almost, all the interviewers have a pre-conceived notion of how an employee should behave, and they are looking for you to meet those expectations. From the moment you appear for the interview until you leave, the employers are analysing your behaviour to confirm if you are a potential fit for the company.

Here is a snippet of how Switchidea sends a notification about internship you apply to:

Original Screenshot of Internship Interview Invitation

While the work-environment for an intern may vary from one organization to another, the basic interview protocols that an interviewer expects from a candidate remains same. And these protocols may vary or change depending upon the medium through which interview is being conducted. Let us have a look at the interview protocols a student should follow while appearing for an internship interview.

Face-to-Face Interview

Face-to-Face Internship Interview

A face-to-face (f2f) interview is probably the most difficult yet the easiest of all to get through. It is natural to feel anxious when you know your every move is watched, your body language is being analysed. At the same time, it is easier to portray confidence, positive attitude and make a lasting impression. It is easier to connect with the person when you are physically present in the same room. Here are some protocols you must follow during the f2f interview:

  • Make eye contact, greet with a smile, listen, and speak only when appropriate

  • Nod when the employer is speaking to show that you are paying attention

  • Sit straight and do not move your legs or tap your hands as they show nervousness

  • Reach on time and always knock the door before entering the room

  • Do not wear a heavy cologne or perfume as some people may have allergies

  • Be polite and respectful if you are asking for water or coffee with a junior staff

  • Do not check time repeatedly while in the interview. If you have something more important to cater to, reschedule the interview

And finally,

Have a firm handshake and smile before leaving the office. Don’t forget to convey how you are looking forward to being a part of the organization.

Telephonic interview for internship

Employers use telephonic interviews as a way of identifying the best candidates for employment. Most companies conduct few rounds of phone interviews in order to screen candidates and narrow down the pool of applicants who can be then called for a face to face interview.

Telephonic interviews are also used to cut down on expenses while interviewing an out-of-town candidate. For remote positions, often all round of interviews are conducted by phone only. Here are few tips you can follow to ace the telephonic interview

  • Conduct a mock interview with a friends/family and record it to see how you sound over the phone

  • Work on reducing the number of ‘ums’,’uhs’ and ‘okays’ you use while conversing

  • Check if you have a lot of verbal ticks or if you speak too fast or slow. Your voice should be conversational in tone

  • Keep your resume in clear view so that you can immediately relate to the question being asked.

  • Have you phone charged and call waiting off

  • Choose a room that receives strong network signals.

  • Clear the room and ensure there is no background noise around

  • Answer the phone yourself.

  • Be attentive and listen carefully to the question being asked. If there is any doubt, be polite in asking them to repeat the question

  • Do not worry if you need to take a pause of few seconds before you can answer a question.

Skype or Video Interview

Internship Interview from Skype

When it comes to remote interviews, a Skype interview is always better than a phone interview. It shows much more about you as a person. It is easy to portray confidence and establish a connection with the interviewer. Here are few Skype interview protocols you must follow:

  • Make sure you have a professional username. If you still use ‘funkyboy4u’ or ‘sweet16girl’, its time to get boring and sign in with your real name

  • A steady internet connection is very important. If you don’t have one at home, choose a location (friends home, cyber café) that allows uninterrupted video streaming

  • Dress properly and groom yourself well just like you will do in an in-person interview

  • Have a clean, neutral background with good lighting all around. Remove clothes hanging around and ask family members to stay away while you are on call

  • Use a headset to be able to hear clearly and ensure your voice is picked up and not the background noise

  • Don’t try to search (Google) for answers while on the interview. The interviewer can make out when you are using your computer, and it can work against you

  • Maintain an eye contact and look positive and confident

  • If there are any technical glitches, handle it with grace and start calmly from where you have left.

Regardless of the medium of the interview, most interview protocols want you to be professional, well-prepared, well-groomed and most importantly passionate about the position you are interviewing for.

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